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and at night we walk into our houses and burn

I refuse to start this post with “well” because out of the last 5 posts, 3 of them have started “well…”, repetition really really bothers me, especially when I am guilty of it. So here I am at the threshold of my senior year of college, the time between the day I moved into the dorms (and coincidentally threw-up in my UO mug) and right now seems to have been of a minimal nature because it seems like that just last night i went to bed wondering what college will be like and now here I am wondering how i am going to survive after college. So many RA rounds, so many $300 school book purchases, so many 3 o’clock naps after a hard day of skipping classes. Sometimes I find myself wondering if i actually gained anything besides a $50,000 educational tab, but I’m sure there is a big wealth of knowledge that I have I just haven’t put to much use… though i am a philosophy major so i may never put it to use. Once again I have the ominous feeling of a (not to use a clichi) new ‘chapter’ of my life is about to start and i can see that what is about to start has a whole new set of responsibilities coupled with it. Here comes that urge to fight of adulthood. “Get back! back you wretched beast, back into your high-interest mortgaged cave!” But no sense in worrying about the future when I have 2nd year German to worry about.
So I went to the East Coast, i finally made it to New York City and I have to say that I like it much more than I assumed I would. I had always figured that the massive amount of people herded into the streets and subways would wreak havoc on my spidey-senses. But I really enjoyed the sense of reality that comes with NYC, i don’t feel so tall nor so significant, the buildings alone dwarf every part of my ego… it was very interesting. I met up with my friend Greg and we walked for a good 7 to 8 hours and rode the subways, even saw Bruce Springsteen perform for the MTV Music awards. Of course I took only 10 pictures in NYC because I don’t want to seem like a tourist, maybe i did that too well because people were trying to buy tickets off of me outside of Madison Square Garden. While on the East Coast i also saw family that I have not seen in a long while, it is definitely an interesting feeling coming back into a portion of your family that you have not witnessed for half of your life. I was a ball of anticipation, hesitation, and confusion… but everything ended as well as most would expect.
This post officially marks the end of my summer, which I am not reluctant to let it pass. This summer was the summer boredom, i have never been so mentally unchallenged my whole life. The only thing accomplished this summer was survival and that was barely done. i rarely saw anyone, even my own family, however i did get to spend a day with my dad which was fun, i got play racquetball against him (translation: he got his butt kicked at racquetball) we got to have pizza and just generally hang out, which was really nice because it is not something we have done in ages. It was a lot easier when he was the only adult in our relationship but now i have responsibilities myself which make for gaps. And this summer was definitely a season of gaps. But Jessica is back in Eugene, which i have been long anticipating, being apart for three months was not fun in any aspect. When I did get to see her it was in the briefest of terms, a day here two days there… and i kid you not, 5 mins. at some points. It is insanely frustrating to see someone you care so much about for so short of a period, it would tear me at the seams. Though she did come to Woodburn to stay with my family and myself for a couple of days. I took her to the State Fair in Salem where we walked through the “beef barn” where Jessica rattled off insults at the quality of the cattle present, especially the miniature polled herefords. Collectively Jessica and i won 9 stuffed animals (Jessica: 2, me: 7) nothing brought me more joy than to be able to give my girlfriend many stuffed animals which I pried from the hands of little kids who weren’t good enough to beat me at “Whack the Weasel,” I am a weasel whacking pro.” However that sparse visits are over for now and jessica is now no more than a short jog away from me… a job i am always willing to make. School starts in 143.5 hours, wish me luck.

how i hate to remember/for that means the day is past

Thankfully it seems as though the summer is passing quickly, which is all I have asked for lately. I think this is the first time on record that I have asked for the speedy passage of summertime but can you really blame me? In two days Jessica makes her triumphant return back to the United States after he LONG extended stay in Mexico, I’ve been in more anticipation over her return than my 21st birthday. How do you like them priorities! I am happily picking up Jessica at the Portland Airport and driving her to Bend then I have two days with her, then it is another month until I get to see her face to face. This is why I am wishing and hoping for the School year, I can see my girlfriend on a regular basis, what a concept.
I have to say, i have one of the most mind-numbing jobs ever, I knew this when I applied for the job but it still gets to me. If it weren’t for the wonderful gift that is the internet I would have taken up the sport of drooling while at work. This summer is nothing like last summer, I really really enjoyed last summer; we as a stuff hung out on a regular basis and actually stuck together as a team. That is the number one component missing this summer, everyone seems to have their own big chip on their shoulder and it is nicely displayed to everyone.
Being a senior in a freshman class is some what awkward, especially when a good portion of the class are previous residents. I have two people in my Writing class that were past residents of mine, while we introducing ourselves both of them had to note that I was their R.A. and that I had gotten the both of in trouble. The professor laughed and said that their statement of me getting them in trouble was interesting. oh well. Summer is almost over.

If I had closed my mouth and opened my eyes

Wow, I didn’t wait a month to update, kudos to me. To be completely truthful, this isn’t actually an update–I had some pictures to put up, both of these pictures are from Preview 2016. This is a program that the Bean RAs put on, first and second graders come and we show them the university, we are trying to get little kids interested in going to college (early U of O recruitment… we start early). It was fun, I can’t remember two minutes where a kid didn’t want to ride on my shoulders. We had the U of O duck present so the kids could get pictures taken with it, so me being a really big kid I got my picture take with the duck… twice, the first one is me picking up the duck, the second is Jessica and I sitting with the duck.

…Misery loves a symphony…

Either I’ve been a busy boy or a lazy one either way here i am updating very far off of my every month watermark, oh well time is a precious commodity. Lets see, I guess the most significant things that have happened since my last update: new job, broken nose, still nowhere to live next year. I’ll start at the beginning, I got my Desk assistant job which in short means that i will be delivering mail, checking out movies, giving replacement keys… $6.50/hr here I come! Don’t get me wrong, my sarcasm doesn’t mean i don’t like the job, i do like it, this new position will be a much needed improvement over being an R.A. no longer will I be bent over the metaphorical R.A. lifestyle table. No late night lockouts, no “Chris, my roommate is dead” phone calls, or even “Chris, I didn’t mean to get caught by DPS with a suitcase full of drugs, will I get in big trouble” situations. By the way, “Props” to all of my residents who are currently reading this. So eventually i will be a D.A. next year which means a sturdy job to make car payments, yes, the person who didn’t get his permit until he was 17 and only got his license days before his 19th birthday will be getting a car, which if i can, will make it so i can live far far far away from any residence (DORMS! I’m rebelling!) halls. So that’s an improvement.

Second on the docket: my nose became broken, or cracked to be more accurate. While tickling a certain girlfriend’s feet, we’ll call her [G]essica (to protect the presumed innocent), I caught a right hook into my big nose… no, I wasn’t punched I was assaulted by a knee. I find this especially hilarious because for a week or two after [G]essica/Nose-gate as I called it I could make my nose make cool cracking and popping sounds. All of this mean a mean headache for a couple of days and about 4 visits to the Student Health Center where, incidentally, I was made fun of repeatedly and incessantly by nurses because my girlfriend successfully “Kicked my ass”. It was all a riot on my behalf, the doctor took it upon herself to prescribe pain killers and to stay away from [G]essica. All was good and funny until the tears came… tears of an ego being smashed into small emasculated pieces. No, but seriously folks I think it was a good thing, you know that they say “the couple that breaks bones together stays together”, oh what I’ll do for romance.
Finally, i’m still looking for someplace and someone to live with this summer AND next year, but I have some prospective roomies… both of which I am very hopefully for because both are very nice (clean) and cool (trustworthy) people. I just want out of the dorms… please.

Ps.- This website is the proud recipient of the “Sad Ty Seal of Approval,” mostly because Ty wanted to get on my webpage, but regardless it’s an award.

…all the things I’d do, to make myself turn blue…

There is no week like the week I had and that is not a good thing. Ripe with assaults, firings, lying, quitting, betrayals, death of George Harrison (my favorite Beatle), discrimination, and cancer. Personally, worst week ever. Also, yesterday I get word that my dog has cancer and only has a couple of months to a year to live. The timing: impeccable. Yup.

…a bad day is when I lie in bed and think of things that might have been

Well the leaves have turned color and are threatening to coat the sidewalks, around the corner is what every kid here waits for with anticipation… causing late nights of thinking, asking themselves I wonder how big they will be? What will I get? …Of course I am talking about finals. I am not sure if time speeds up as you grow older but it sure seems as though time is whipping past me, I don’t see that as a necessarily good thing. Does this increase as you get older? If so, when I am forty that will make my days feel like two and a half hours long. At least my meals will be close together. I was looking at my transcripts of my college career, I am amazed how close I am to being done with my undergraduate degree. That is almost scary, its more of a mixture of wonderment and nervousness.

It has been a while since I have updated this web page… I’ve been a busy boy, writing papers like a mad man but that’s ok by me, seeing as I have no actual midterms or finals. Some classes are still all right, others are still very very boring with questions that are half as long as the reading we have to do for the class. Arg. In light of my last comments, I have registered for Winter term classes, i am taking seventeen credits which is one credit short of a maximum load… it should keep me busy, but i seem to do well with classes when I really load them on; or at least that is what I am telling myself now while hoping I follow through later.
My hall is still good, a few problems here and there but all together still good. I went bowling with them Thursday night. Some of the worst games of bowling I have ever played. It is pretty sad when my series high is only 112. As a hall we’ve also gone hiking, watched movies, had little kids come trick-or-treating, it has been kind of fun.

Jessica is good. I like this girl. This picture (blurry due to the crappiness of my scanner) is of Jess was taken at Silver Creek Falls when she came and visited my parents with me up north. I showed her the wonderfulness that is Woodburn, yeah, wonderfulness… that’s it. Silver Creek Falls was fun, while in a tree I happened upon a salamander or a newt, i called him Dionysus (a greek god). Newt, salamander, or greek god, whatever it was it was very neat. Here’s the picture.

Other than newts and salamanders I am waiting for Winter break to come, I really haven’t spent more than two days at my parent’s place since Spring Break, so it will be nice to take some time away from campus. Hopefully while I am away from Eugene I will get to go to Astoria as well as Bend to visit Jessica. More news to come, of course.

What does that mean that I remind you of money?

I’m putting off a paper right now, so indulge in my procrastination… I am the procrastination king! Let it be known. I am very good or as the Germans would say in German “sehr gut!” Classes are good, well, maybe except for Ancient Philosophy; amazingly dry lectures followed by paper assignments that are as broad as the lectures are dry. I am kicking some major butt in German; I just got back my big test and scored an “A-“. I don’t know which dark and scary recess of my brain this comes from but I hope it doesn’t run out… it is nice being slightly successful in school. Being an RA is good, I got to go on a hike last weekend and I get to go on another hike this weekend at Kentucky Falls. Don’t ask me where it is, ’cause I don’t know. Residents are good, except for two very small, very insignificant problems, this is a cake walk… especially if I keep on beating my residents at Hockey on the Play station 2. Don’t worry I didn’t buy one, they own it. Being me is good. I know I don’t say that often enough, but right now it is actually pretty cool to walk around as myself. I realize that I get down on myself sometimes but I see that more as a time for introspection and examination. Eh. I intentionally left out a name out of my last update… it just didn’t seem like I should be broadcasting such things at that time. And again I will leave out her name to make any of you people who are actually interested in what’s going on with me, have to call me. Bwahaha. I like being dastardly.Ps- I get to meet her parents this weekend… eep. That’s a good eep, mind you.


there must be some way outta here said the joker to the thief

hmm… well, I don’t know things are different; not always for the best. Good: residents are back, more people to meet, RA job has started. Bad: my friend Geoff got deployed with the Air Force.
I was a little bit nervous about the new group of residents I was about to receive, other than one small incident I am pretty hopeful about this up coming year. This group (sans alcohol) seems more mature and respectful of not only me and my job, but also of each other. It will be interesting to see how this year turns out; for the better I hope. There is a major contrast to this year’s group compared to the group I had last go-around. Last year the residents were, well, to generalize: hippies, or at least of the hippy tendencies. Whereas this year it is more of main-stream almost Greek type of residents. This is neither good nor bad, I just feel that at the beginning I had more of a connection with my group last year, as I am more hippy than I am fratboy. Like I said before, we’ll see.

I like this new group of RAs, they seem more responsible and willing to help. I think that maybe the tragedy we experienced on the 11th, some how bonded us a little bit more closely. New classes also begin in a couple of days, most of my classes I am not worried about; German on the other hand should be a brand new experience for me. Nervous would be a good word to use about how i feel.

Geoff: well, I can’t say that this was unexpected though still unpleasant. I know he won’t be flying fighter jets, but still the chances of violence still makes it an uneasy situation. To round out this update, I’ll say another little piece about what took place in NYC. I keep on hearing about how we are going to rebuild the Trade Center. Yes, I realize that this is a big sign of defiance; but still, wouldn’t it be more of a defiant and humanitarian response to build a massive park there in remembrance of the tragedy and lives lost in the act that took place on Sept. 11th. Maybe a park would help us remember our mistakes in the past and guide us in the future.I hope I’m not drafted.


I’ve always been one to take each and every day…

Here is my attempt to have an update that isn’t wholly depressing… I’m doing good despite the previously stated… I’ve moved into my new room in Parsons Hall. This new room is slightly bigger than my last room. Other than that it is the same cell different shade of off-white on the walls. I’ll have pictures of the new cell… er… room, soon.
The Eric Clapton concert was amazingly good besides of the women in front of us who decided to ‘smoke-up’, that was a very unpleasant surprise; my RA skills started to kick in, I was going to pull out my RA badge and notepad.

RA training starts in a matter of days, I’m looking forward to the new crew of people new residents… it should be interesting. Other than all of that stuff, life is routine as usual… movies and records mostly. More to come later on.

But I would not scare my pony on my boat out on the sea

Just a little note… the title is taken from a Lyle Lovett song, “If I had a Boat”… its really a great song… kind of plays to the happily morose side of me… and maybe to you, check it out.
Well, I’ve been one busy boy… in the previous two days I worked 28 hours straight, and if it weren’t for the loving grace of my friend (and fellow CA) Beth, I wouldn’t have eaten… she had heard that I had been working like a fiend, and she called me to see if she could help… it was really nice that someone was thinking about me. I hope the karma comes around and I’ll help it along to make sure it does.
Speaking of work, wow, are some people dumb. That’s all I have to say about that… dumb. I don’t really have a whole lot to speak of, the drama that is my life has seriously slowed to a monotonous jog and I like it… so far, I’m sure I’ll gripe about it later on though. I did how ever get good grades, not great grades, but good grades considering that I was working, at times, two jobs as well as taking close to a full load of credits, I’m proud of me for my 2 B+’s, 1 B-, and a C+… not that two of those classes were 400 level… so this isn’t remedial classes that I was participating in.
May I also note that MY RESIDENTS ARE GONE!!! I will miss some of them very much, but there are others I knew that I could never turn my back to them… and I can’t say I’m sad to see those people go. I hope the select few keep in contact with me down the road, because they were the very cool people that shinned through the bland sameness of the rest of the hall.
To help my next year be a little bit more interesting I’ve decided that I am going to try and get a job at the Child Center just down the block from here, I think it will be good for my mind just to hang out with some little kids… I know its a good job, and I think I would seriously have some fun.
…And finally, I have beach and staff banquet pictures… The beach trip page can be seen here… and the staff banquet pictures (its just me with my friends) can be seen here. Well, I am looking forward to working with Special Olympics conference that is under my direction… they will be here in two weeks, and I think that it will be a good experience, both in my job as a CA and for my mind. More at eleven.