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Race for Less… update

I’m chugging along, it seems like I’ve caught a second wind:

Starting weight: 300 pounds

Current weight: 220.5 pounds

Total weight loss: 79.5 pounds

Total percentage: -26.5%

Original BMI: 37.5 = Obese

Current BMI: 27.5 Overweight (24.9 or less is ideal)

Despite not being able to run, I’ve really taken off this week.  Less than two weeks ago I hit 224, and I’m nearly four pounds lighter today.  It probably also helps that I worked out right after waking up, burning over 1,300 calories and probably buckets of sweat before weighing in… but it’s all good.

On the exercise front, I had been stymied by my foot problem, but after two appointments and an MRI, it looks like a resolution may be in progress.  There is definitely no fracture.  The bone is stressed but with the orthotic inserts that I’ll be fitted with for running will turn all of that force on the outside of my foot and even it out.  I can ease back into my running starting off with 15 minute runs and adding 5 minutes back into it every other time I run.

The thing that had been holding me back the past month was my eating, I found that I was snacking a lot more and not able to turn down food offered to me… and free food always taste so much better than regular food.  Another issue was that Jess and I had been doing a little more baking, and I’m sucker for bread.  It’s like yeast crack.  So we’ve stopped doing that which has greatly helped me.

Also having to do with food, I did something the other day that I’ve never done before… and it was actually a good thing.  On Friday, I had a doctor’s appointment and I had time that morning to run back to our house before I went to work.  While I was there, I snacked a little bit on some left over ham that we had barbecued for the previous night.  After a short crossword session, I headed for school.

Two hours after I arrived at school, it was time for lunch.  I sat down, pulled out my ham sandwich (notice a theme?) and two oranges.  Only, I wasn’t all that hungry.  Usually, I would have thought about it and eventually convinced myself to eat everything that was in front of me (and sometimes some perimeter food).  But not today, I halved my sandwich and gave both halves away.  I was content with just my oranges.  There was a certain sense of pride about giving the sandwich away; even though it was not a unhealthy meal or high in calories.  I just wasn’t hungry.  It was a change in philosophy: just because it’s there, doesn’t mean I have to eat it.  It won’t be offended if I don’t consume it, as long as it’s not being thrown away, it’s not a waste.

Pat on the back, self-high five, self-terrorist fist bump.

Race for less… update

It has been a while since I’ve updated on the weight loss front.  I don’t remember what weight I posted at last time but I’ve been holding steady at 226.  I’ve hit a steady flat period, I think I’ve been lax with my eating, not eating badly, just not as well as I could be (or is that eating too well?).  I’m still thrilled about hitting my goal and equally thrilled to be moving beyond that goal onto my next.  So far I’ve lost 74 pounds, just shy of 25% of my original body weight.  A quart less me is a good thing.

My motivation continues; yesterday, Jess and I went to run some errands like having one of her rings repaired.  While we where there, we decided to have my ring re-sized.  A couple of weeks ago, I was playing basketball and went to pass the ball,  as I tossed the ball, my wedding band flew off and rolled down the court.  It was a pretty obvious sign.  For a while now I had been able to slide my ring off barely touching my knuckles or even sliding it off using only my left thumb.  I figured that I should probably pony up the $40 now instead of having my wedding band come off while I’m on a boat, over a grate, or feeding the dog.

As it turns out, I went down a whole ring size, from 11.5 to 10.5.  I thought that was pretty cool, although it is a completely weird feeling to be walking around without my ring on.  I’ve never realized how much I play with my wedding band during the day until it’s not there.

After hitting up the jewelery shop, we did a little browsing.  We ended up at the Duck Shop (the great mecca of University of Oregon merchandise, for you out-of-towners).  They were having a sale on certain sweatshirts and because I need a sweatshirt for every occasion, I tried one on.  newsweatshirt

Typically, I had been a XL (XXL before loosing weight) but when I tried on the XL it was way too big, hanging closer to my knees than to my waist.  I wasn’t too surprised, there have been a couple of sweatshirts where I’ve been into a large, so I tried one on.  It was still way too big according to Jess.  She said that I was going to need a medium.  Of course, my retort was a self-deprecating jab at the impossibility of me needing a medium anything. By that time she already had one off the hanger and said, “If you fit into this, I’m going to have to buy it for you just on principle.”  And it did.  And she did.  So I am in possession of my first medium article of clothing, I am still shocked at this.  I tried the sweater on again last night, double-checked the tag.


Yep, still a medium.

This is a nice addition seeing as finding clothes for me has become easier.  No longer do I have to wade through the mediums and larges to find the rare XXL.  My jeans are now an easy thing to buy too.  My waist went from a 40 (actually, in college there were times when I was a 42 or 44) to a 34.   Surprisingly, the length of my pants has also changed, I went from wearing a 32 to a 34.   I believe this is because I have less of a muffin-top to hold my pants down.  With a more definable waist, my 32’s were barely touching the tops of my shoes, meaning there was sock galore exposed when I sat down… a pet peeve of mine

All the more reason I’ve got to keep on doing what I’ve been doing… the change in the size my clothes, not the sock thing.

Anyways, onward with the good fight!

x marks the spot

I had long talked about rewarding myself once I hit my goal of 70 pounds, so on a whim and a bet, I got my reward on Saturday:

tat2Yep, I got tattooed. “Maximus in Minimis” roughly, it means “Greatness in small things”.

tat1For me, it has two meanings.  Not only am I better for being smaller, but also a reminder that I should find happiness in the smaller things.  I don’t need to win the lottery to be happy… maybe happiness comes from a lesson well taught or just feeling good after a run.

Of course, the tattoo I really wanted would have been too expensive:


The race for less… update

230 pounds!

it’s taken about a year but I finally got there.

70 pounds gone.

Next goal: 200.

The race for less… update

It has definitely been a while since I’ve updated my on-going fisticuffs with my weight.  This doesn’t mean I’ve been regressing, it just shows that as I continue to lose weight, it seems like it is harder for me to do so at a faster pace.  I’m not sure if this is because of the changes to my size and body, or maybe my suspicion is that I’m sliding on my eating regiment.  I’m just slightly frustrated, still losing, but frustrated.

Thankfully, I have been fairly diligent on exercising.  By random chance, I’ve started running with a couple of teachers at the high school.  We usually run about three miles each time we run, which is between two and three times a week.  Granted, I’m not the fastest, but certainly keep up but most importantly I don’t stop.  In the past, even running a continious half mile seemed to be a great undertaking.  Every time I run, I definitely find ‘The Wall’ (not a Pink Flyod reference) where mentally I have a hard time feeling that I can last the entire run, but then I give myself short goals: “make it to Harrison St.” or “Just back to the High School”.  These help, they are always within my sign and they have made it so I haven’t quit. 

Even the boundires of my usual run of three miles gets pushed.  This weekend, my mom spent two days with us in the Grove.  On Sunday, she and I went for a run and ended up doing four miles and by the end of the run, I felt as though as I just did a light jog around the block. 

On to the numbers… As of this morning, I am down to 236 pounds, wihch is an overall weight loss of 64 pounds.  I’m down 2 pant sizes and a shirt size.  Which is why we’ve spent a ridiculous amount of money refitting my wardorbe because I can’t walk around looking like I’m wearing garbage bags.  I’ve lost 21.3% of my original weight and I am 6 pounds shy of my inital goal.  That’s like I lost a fifth grader. 

Everyday is a battle and choice, I just need to make sure I’m making the best of both of those.

The race for less… update

As of this morning, I have offically lost 20% of my original body weight of 300 pounds.  Now that I am at 240, I have only 10 pounds left to shed before I reach my inital goal.  As for my main goal, I’m striving for 40 more pounds.  Honestly, I don’t think I have weighted so little since freshman year of high school.  My weight on my drivers license now out weighs me by 20 pounds.  If it didn’t cost money or use up valuable time, I would have like to get a new license, just kind of a reminder for myself. 

There have been so many different benefits from this, it has truly changed me.  I sleep better, I feel happier, people treat me differently, I get sick less, I run faster, I work out longer, I get angry less, and I have a overwhelming burst of self-confidence and a positive self-image.  My only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago, how much of my life could I have made brighter if I had implemented self-control and a workout routine?  I guess that sometimes, one’s head can only be removed from dark places at specific times in life… luckily, I pulled my out when my chance came along.

This has honestly been the hardest, yet most fulfilling and affirming 10 months of my life.  Here’s to taking a scary situation and making it work for you.

The race for less… update

Another weight update which for some reason precludes anyone from commenting. 

Down to 243 as of this morning, making a total loss of 57 pounds, 13 pounds away from my goal and 3 pounds away from hitting the 20% total body weight loss.  The 20% mark is my closest goal that I’ve been pushing for, when I finally get there I’m going to celebrate by eating like I do every day, less than 2,100 calories of total intake; it’s going to rock!

Current issues: exercise; as perdicted, finding time to excerise is hard with football.  For a while I was getting up at 5:30 in the morning and getting an hour work out in but I think that came with negative consequences.  I was no longer losing weight, in fact, I had gained some poundage back.  The conclusion I came to was the lack of sleep was negatively affecting my plans.  So I excused myself from getting up so early and working out, narrowed my eating, and moved exercising to the weekends.  Hopefully it pays off.

The Race for a little less… update

It has been a while since I’ve updated on my on-going seige of my wasteline.  As of this morning, I was 247.5 pounds, down 52.5, with 17.5 to go.  That’s 17.5 percent of my inital body weight loss.

The 250’s were really kind of hard.  Even considering I went through our whole Europe trip and still lost a pound was astonishing, especially considering that beer was cheaper than water, therefore I drank copious amounts of beer.  Getting my exercise routine back and keeping my eating where it should be.  This was especially difficult with the return of football.  As usual, the snacks and lunches that come with a football coaching staff aren’t the healthiest, ironically, no carrot and celery sticks.

But I’m back on track… thankfully.

The race for a little less… Update

I’m still steadily chugging along with my eating and exercise plan.  As of two minutes ago, I weighed in at 252 pounds.  That’s an over all weight loss of 48 pounds, or  16% of my original body weight.  I’m almost a size and half smaller in my pants and a size smaller in my shirt, it is nice to only see one “X” attached to your clothing.  I have 22 pounds until my I reach my original goal and at least 52 pounds to get to my personal goal.  It would be nuts if I tipped the scales at 200 pounds, that would mean I was only 15 pounds off of my calculated “ideal” weight.

A side benefit from all of this, I’m now running a faster mile time than I ever have, even considering high school and middle school.  Last week, I ran a 8:37 mile and today I cut it down to 8:26.  The biggest consideration for the near future is continuing with my quantity control while on our trip.  I know the intense workouts will fade for a couple of weeks, but there will be a lot of walking and hiking (especially in the Alps!) taking place.  I’ll definitely have to compensate the lack of hard work outs with a lack of hard eating.

Maybe I could get to the point where I put up a shirtless picture of myself… ah, yes, that would effectively assassinate the loyal readership of Box of Whine.  I don’t think that will happen.

the race for a little less… update

It has been a while since I’ve posted about my race for less of me.  I definitely ran into some trouble, I had stopped seeing negative numbers, not that I was seeing positive ones, I just wasn’t gaining or losing.  People had said that it was just my plateau, however, I think I have to disagree.  The wall I hit was me, I relaxed how closely I was watching what I eating, there were defintely some days when I didn’t enter a complete day’s worth of food and other days when I didn’t enter anything at all.  After a little self-recorrection, I think I’m back on track. 

 I was surprised this morning.  I came in at 258.5 pounds.  When I first saw that, all I saw was the ‘eight,’ and I though, “how the hell could I have gained almost 7 pounds over night?  After a closer examination, I saw that it was “58” not “68”  I was literally standing on the scale in all my glory, staring at my feet saying, “wow.”  However, being the skillful pessimist that I am, I didn’t believe.  All the possibilities ran through my head, “Maybe you weren’t on the scale all the way. Maybe you were accidentally leaning against something.  Maybe the scale is in one of the grooves of the linoleum.”  It’s funny how I instantly go through every possible option besides: “I lost the weight.”  So I weighted myself again: 258.5 pounds.  After that I’m starting to believe.  I went through my routine, took my shower, got my contacts in, and just to triple-check, I weighed myself again: 258.5 again.  Now I’m a believer.  I’m starting to take on the feeling of doing something good and being proud of myself.  I think I’ve been resisting that because I have always had the sneaking suspicion that when I start to be proud of myself, that’s when I let myself slip.  But I’ve never done anything like this before, so hopefully I’m beyond that.

Sadly, I had a whole post in already in draft form in my head about when I hit 260 pounds.  I was going to post a picture of my license and say: “I am now offically my license weight, I have never actually been my license weight.  My license weight was a lie, but I finally made an honest license out of it.”  …But, I went right through 260, thankfully.  However, once again, my license is a liar, for the first time in my life, my license says I weigh more than I actually do.  Personally, I think that’s certain shade of awsome.

In other “repetitious self-congratulations”: Yesterday was the last day for seniors at CGHS.  I had a lot of my students that I’ve taught come through, say goodbye and take pictures… which was great.  Even my football players came by to make a couple of last jokes and give a hug (with the “man-slap” on the back, of course).  But what really touched me was that there were a lot of students I had never coached or taught that came to say goodbye to me, to give a hug and take a group picture with.  These were just kids that I had just casually talked to in the halls once in a while, or I knew them through one of their friends.  Apparently, I had made a big enough impression that they wanted me to know.  As sappy as it sounds, that was really important for me, it makes me feel as though I’m doing a good job and that I make a difference even if I don’t see them in my classroom or on the football field. 

I think I’m pretty lucky to have my job.