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The race for a little less… update

Starting weight: 300

Current weight: 268

Poundage lost: 32

Poundage to go: 33

Percentage of weight loss: ~10.6%

I have been really looking forward to crossing the 10% body weight margin.  My jaw just about hit the scale when I saw 268 come across the read out.  It is interesting how much weight the body can loose over night.  On average, I get about a 2 pound difference from my weight the night before versus the weight in the morning.

It is always funny how all the food I love to eat but shouldn’t eat becomes so readily available.  Tuesday, there were several boxes of free pizza in the staff room.  Today, a student is bringing pizza to class for her birthday, tomorrow there will be pizza at the football meeting.  Thankfully, as much as I’ve stared at the pizza or paced around and near the pizza, I haven’t had a slice.  Pizza is like the abusive relationship, I really want to go back, I know that initially it will be really good but I also know that in the end, it will turn out the same as every other time. 

Damn you pizza, you’ll always be in my heart, you temptress.

The Race for a little less… Update

Another weight update:

Starting weight (January 1st): 300

Current weight (as of this morning): 274

Total pounds lost: 26

Pounds to go: 44

Body weight percentage lost: ~8.6%

Percentage to goal: ~37%

Current issues:  Figuring out the calorie count of pasta.  Is the measurment given for dry or wet?  A cup of pasta dry is less than a pound cooked.  I’ve been calculating it as when it is dry, which I think has been artifically raising my calorie counts for some meals–which is neccesarily bad.  Temptation is another issue.  After the poker game on Saturday, a giant bag of tontino’s pizza rolls that someone brought were left int he freezer.  Those are a weakness.  I could easily throw them all in the oven with a little garlic salt, make a cave out of the rolls and eat my way out.  I haven’t yet… I’m thinking I might just give them away or toss them.  Something like that is too dangerous, especailly when 6 rolls equals 220 calories.  To rationalize eating them, I could not anything all day and then come home and eat 57 of the rolls…. or I guess I could just start the day out with them.  Mmm, breakfast of champions.

The race for less… update

Despite the rigious silence when I post these, here we go:

Saturday’s weigh-in: 278 pounds, down 22 pounds overall. That’s 7.3% of my original body weight and 31% to my goal.

Plan: 2,100 calories or less a day of intake. I’ve been using this website to keep tabs, i find it very helpful and it keeps me very aware of what goes in ye ol’ cake hole.

The race for a little less… update

An excerise update for this week.

Monday: 60 minutes of cardio – 4 miles, 1600 calories burned

Tuesday: 35 minutes of cardo – 3 miles, 600 calories burned (+ weights/Abs)

Wednesday: 30 minutes of cardio – 2.5 miles, 500 calories (+weights/Abs)

Thursday: 60 minutes of cardio – 3.5 miles, 1500 calories

Friday: Day off. 

That puts me at 13 miles in 5 days, 4200 (estimate) calories burned, and over 2 hours of just cardio.  I still have two days left, we may go on a hike or get another work out in.  Overall, not a bad week as far as exercise goes… still working on the intake, but its getting better.

 I was at 282 last Saturday, I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning. 18 pounds down, which is about 20% of my goal.

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here

You know, when you rip your pants, it’s really just a passive-aggressive way of your clothing telling you that it would like a divorce. If my pants could have talked today in the car, they would have said, “I think we should be worn on other people.” So here I am, left with the shreds of a former relationship. I thought we went together well, we went everywhere together–who saw this coming? We matched, never clashed. And now I have to go through the trouble of looking for another pair of pants, trying to look cool, making sure that I want to spend time in them.I think I’ll go for a run.