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If I’m well you can tell she’s been with me now

Excluding German 201, things are going good, well, relatively. I have now come to the conclusion (in my waning months of my senior year) that I have chosen the wrong major for myself, this isn’t to say that Philosophy isn’t super-fantastic, because it is, but it is not as super-fantastic Education or Special Education. Ironically, in the remaining three terms I have left at the University of Oregon I think i have found my calling, I’ve always been a late bloomer, so why does this surprise me? So as you may have guessed I am taking a Special Education (SPED) and an Education (ED) class and I and I feel as though I am extremely successful at them. I may be getting my second and third ‘A’s of my college career (also ironic, my first ‘A’ was achieved in the first term of my Freshman year.) I can easily understand the material, the reading is engaging (oh, and 14th century Jewish philosophy isn’t fun reading?) so I think i might have made a small mistake being a Philosophy major, I should have gone with my life long gut feeling of education. Any road….
So I’ve hurt myself again, while playing racquetball I went flying backwards into a wall, making for a spectacular pup on my back. To make a long and quite unspectacular story short, the doctors aren’t sure yet what I did to my ribs except that they hurt and that I needed strong pain killers. On the subject of pain killers, may i just say that as a person who doesn’t sleep well, these are a small little angles with Vicodin stamped on them. So needless to say the last couple of days I’ve been very well rested.
I’ve come to the conclusion that i enjoy living by myself, lets just put it this way: I can be the master of my own domain. My messes are my own and therefore i’m not as disgusted cleaning them up. I don’t think I was meant to live with people who I’m not particularly close to… There is just something wrong about cutting a tube of sausage and then leaving both the wrapper and the knife out on the counter all day, needless to say, it wasn’t my sausage. ick. If I try the path of good naturedness and understanding means I’m a good person right? Or a Schmuck?
Finally, its really nice to see two parts of your life fit together so well. I really enjoy seeing Jessica hanging around with my family. First, it was my sister came and stayed with me for a couple of days, we played mini golf, played video games (which i kicked her butt at Dance Dance Revolution), and had a somewhat impromptu parade. Jessica and Meagan seem to really enjoy each other’s company, especially when it comes to making fun of me, which is fine by me because it is a sign of respect or at least admiration… or so I’m told. And then when Jessica and I spent the day with my mom, it just feels like one big family… i wish my family liked me as much as they liked Jessica, but you’ve got to take what you can get. I don’t think i realized how important my family’s feelings about my girlfriend were until (I finally got a girlfriend) saw Jessica with everyone of my family members and how much they liked and adored her. Best chance I ever took.

all right, Vicodin is kicking in, time for bed.

Chris 1, Gabe 10 OR Oh How I hate midterms.

A quick update in between everything… I would just like to say that “GABE HAS BEEN FALLEN BY MY SUPREME RACQUETBALL SKILLS!!!” That’s right, I finally one a game against Gabe. About time. It was probably one of the best games I have played in, and that’s not just because I stomped Gabe by two points. Other than that Midterms and RA programs are the main theme of my life… pretty sad, if you ask me. Where are the protests I always foresaw myself in… how about the insurmountable of camping I was going to be partaking it, where is that? I must have been confused with someone else’s life. I did have a little fun in-between classes today; I was walking back from Environmental Philosophy and my guys were playing frisbee in the courtyard. They beckoned me to join, and I couldn’t resist, so I got in a good hour of frisbee.
Tonight I am going to read a whole book over… Whoo boy. But, before I partake in such wonderful splendor of a whole book, I am heading to the gym to play some racquetball with Bowlby… I’ll show him to awe-inspiring racquetball talent that I poses… another racquetball corpses on the ever growing pile. I’ve got to stop winning, I can’t keep my ego in check. This weekend should be chalk full of fun and work… Friday and Saturday I am on duty… [enter sarcastic remark about weekend duty here], But Levi is coming in town for a dance competition (or at least I think its a competition), so I will be getting together with him and celebrate his birthday, which is today… he turns the big 21. Then Sunday I am going to Anna’s Orchestra concert, and I promised her that I would get all dressed up, suit and everything… There will be a camera around so I’ll put up the pictures for you my loyal cult members… er… webpage patrons…
On a final note, I am working on a new opening for the webpage, it is flash animations, take a look at it, let me know if it works for you (You will need the Flash animation plug in… if you don’t have it, the program will take you to it.”

Happy “Oh Crap, Too Much To Do” Day.

I just noticed that I said nothing at all about racquetball in my last entry… well, your loss… no, but seriously folks… I’ve been playing racquetball like a mad-racquetball-playing-man… My right biceps is getting a lot stronger, where as my left biceps is still the flabby disgrace it has always been. Stupid muscle. I am really enjoying this game (except for the losing to Gabe), I play it every other day for about 2 hours. I get so wrapped up in the game I don’t realize that I’m actually exercising… What is this salty secretion? Sweat you say? If I keep up with this game, maybe I’ll become ‘in-shape’ or good at it… I’m hoping more for the second choice.
Today has one of the most hectic days ever… I went to my one class (Oh, yeah, that one class must eat away at my time), and than had to get a cake for Mary-Jo, Make signs for the hall dinner, throw the hall dinner, make a creative display that people could write on for Mary-Jo’s birthday, and finally throw a party for Mary-Jo… First off I shall pontificate (see, college is good for something) on the hall dinner: This dinner was the biggest catered dinner (we have the catering company on campus make us a mean) I have ever seen, we had 50 people sign up, and more than 50 come to the actual dinner. I did feel bad, thought, because there was not enough food for everyone… I think catering gypped us… they are always trying to pull one over with the housing staff… I’ll show them, some day. That aside, it was nice to have most of the hall eating together and hanging out…
Subject change: Mary-Jo’s Birthday. I actually had a lot of fun setting up this birthday gala… even though it was rushed and I find most things like this insipid. But I had to put that extra special “Chris charm” into the event. First off I got her a really nice cake, this was verified by my staff, as it was inhaled with in minutes of the cover being taken off. That was good and all, but it is not the best part, while I was hanging around the Area Desk in the Hamilton complex, I came up with the idea of making a lot of little papers with the phrase “Happy Birthday Mary-Jo!!!” on it… so I made about 150+ of those papers, varying in size and font… then with a handful of glow-in-the-dark ants I filled her mailbox with the combination…. she said she “loved it” and that they spilled all out, “Happy birthday’s…” and glowing ants all over the floor. I feel a certain amount of pride in that. With the help of Elizabeth, I made a giant MJ (about 6 feet by 3.5 feet) with the ‘M’ sitting atop the ‘J’… and “Happy Birthday” was written on one of the sides of the ‘M’… Then the staff signed it… it was very nicely done (a little self-kissing-up never hurts). The party went off without a hitch, we surprised her with her cake and giant initials…. I got a big hug and a “You did a great job” from Mary-Jo… I just kind of sat there grinning like a kid in a candy store, but I assure you, dear reader, that a great sense of accomplishment was besieging my small human brain. Well, I must adjourn to study, I have a midterm next week for Environment Philosophy… let us part with the one word that will be sole occupant of my mind “Phenomenology*.”*

Phenomenology, 20th-century philosophical movement dedicated to describing the structures of experience as they present themselves to consciousness.

Racquetball and sock fights.

 I just had one of the most enjoyable evenings tonight… Lindy’s 9 year old sister was visiting her this weekend, and I spent most of the evening playing games, racing down the hallway, and, of course, a sock fight. The sock fight was great, even though I was out numbered… it was me against Maggie (Lindy’s sister) and Anna. Brings back memories of how much I did non-stop playing when I was that age, I’m surprised any fit adult could keep up with me, I’m tired just after a couple of hours of play. This just reaffirms my belief that if adults acted more like kids, we’d have a lot less problems in the world.
Speaking of problems in the world, classes are all right, nothing to exciting right now, although I do have some interesting professors… I’m hoping the material picks up the same luster that the professors have. The RA job is a lot less hectic, I’m assuming mostly because I have Thursday nights instead of the troublesome Wednesdays. I actually have a staff retreat in 8 hours, we’re going paintballing and then some ‘mysterious’ activities to be divulged at a later point in time.
Hopefully within the next couple weeks my summer will be molded into place, I am applying for the CA (conference assistant) and the summer RA position… The conference assistant basically helps with conferences that come to the University of Oregon during the summer, it pays $200 a week + room/board, so a good deal all around, and the bonus is that a lot of my friends will be around Eugene this summer too. The summer RA job is just like my job now, but you get $85 + room/board per week, and you can take classes… so either would be great, but I am hoping for the first. Well, 7 hours and 53 minutes until I need to be awake for the retreat… more new to follow…

Provided by “RA duty” and the number L.

The night I have complained about for the last week has finally arrived, and so far, its quiet. I started off the evening by having a catered dinner for my hall, a welcomed treat when you’ve been eating dorm food for the last two months. I’m always amazed at the speed which an entire lasagna dinner can be inhaled. Then after the mass consumption of food, we had little kids (1 year olds to 7 year olds) come and trick-or-treat in our halls. We opened that fire doors so they could walk around the whole complex, it was nice, I wished more kids would have come, but oh well, another decent program for me. Yesterday was a neat day, I got to play some racquetball and say Jesse Jackson, he is an amazing speaker, I really enjoyed his speech and his message. I’ve now finished my rounds for this evening, hopefully I will not be paged, I’m not the most delightful person when viciously woken up at 3 in the morning.