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Like you own them just because you bought the time…

I should have named this entry “You know it don’t come easy.” In the spirit of a more ‘happy’ entire I’ll stick with what I put. Its a Dar quote, so I have to like it. So, I got into Graduate School… I’ve been accepted into the Middle/Secondary (read that as: middle and high school) Education focusing on Language Arts. Personally, this is astounding, I am sure that I will be the only entering grad student with a astoundingly low GPA, but I’ll take what I can get–no complaints.
Of course, anything good is coupled with a trial; a couple of days after I found out that I was accepted to grad school, I receive a letter from the University registrar which roughly said: Come the end of Spring term you will be 7 credits shy of the 180 needed to graduate, so we’ve canceled your graduation application. [enter fit of rage and unmentionable words] The reality behind this situation is that I am currently at 169 credits and taking 16 credits currently, anyone who participated in elementary level math could tell you that 169 and 16 equal 185 (185>180). How ever here is the registrar’s math: 169 +16 = 173. So after a sleepless night, I called the woman who had the unfortunate opportunity to have her named signed on the letter. She said “Oh, well, initially when we checked your records it said you were only taking 11 credits.” my response was, “yeah, well that still equals 180, not 173.” all I got back was a “Oh, yeah, i guess it does.” It just goes to show that the Universe is conspiring against me, but in only a lazy half-attempt to do so.

In our next issue: House? Summer School?

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