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how i hate to remember/for that means the day is past

Thankfully it seems as though the summer is passing quickly, which is all I have asked for lately. I think this is the first time on record that I have asked for the speedy passage of summertime but can you really blame me? In two days Jessica makes her triumphant return back to the United States after he LONG extended stay in Mexico, I’ve been in more anticipation over her return than my 21st birthday. How do you like them priorities! I am happily picking up Jessica at the Portland Airport and driving her to Bend then I have two days with her, then it is another month until I get to see her face to face. This is why I am wishing and hoping for the School year, I can see my girlfriend on a regular basis, what a concept.
I have to say, i have one of the most mind-numbing jobs ever, I knew this when I applied for the job but it still gets to me. If it weren’t for the wonderful gift that is the internet I would have taken up the sport of drooling while at work. This summer is nothing like last summer, I really really enjoyed last summer; we as a stuff hung out on a regular basis and actually stuck together as a team. That is the number one component missing this summer, everyone seems to have their own big chip on their shoulder and it is nicely displayed to everyone.
Being a senior in a freshman class is some what awkward, especially when a good portion of the class are previous residents. I have two people in my Writing class that were past residents of mine, while we introducing ourselves both of them had to note that I was their R.A. and that I had gotten the both of in trouble. The professor laughed and said that their statement of me getting them in trouble was interesting. oh well. Summer is almost over.

Skateboard + Window= Paperwork

As I was reading T.S. Elliot for 20th Century Lit, I get a light knock on my door; one of my residents sheepishly sticks his head around my door and says: “uh, Chris, I have a small problem: I sent my skateboard through the lounge window.” To my amazement he had. In my 19 years I have never seen 1/8th of an inch thick glass that had shattered like that former lounge window did. If this keeps up the way it is, I can’t wait until Halloween. This story comes with a moral: Don’t take a skateboard break between Math 270 homework, it might end up costing you money.
I am beginning to think my hall has an knack for breaking stuff that is in the lounge, first it was the coffee table and now a window… I fear for the support beams.