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…and I’m the last one hanging around

Saturday was the greatest bachelor party that I have ever had (and the fact that this is my only one shouldn’t diminish that statement).In the Early Wynn suite, number 4, we watch the Mariners trounce the Oriels. I had an absolute blast. While the baseball game was good, it was more fun to hang around and talk with everyone.

I’m really appreciative for everyone who drove up to Seattle (or the 20 miles Susuk had to travel). It was a great time. I don’t think I’ll be able to go to a baseball game again and sit in a regular seat, this trip ruined me… I’m going to need a suite every time.

Thanks guys, it was a great send off!


nevermind the wind, nevermind the rain

Two updates this time.First: I won tickets to see Al Franken in Portland…. and it was, stupendous. Never mind the 40 minutes spent standing in line which went four-fifths the way around the block. It was held at the Governor Hotel which is a piece of art by itself. After being herded up six floors worth of stairs crammed shoulder to shoulder (and apparently face to posterior) my mom and I made it to the ballroom which was immaculate, very fancy–I felt like I didn’t belong. Al and Cathrine were awesome, especially Cathrine, especially when she would say, “shove it”.

It was kind of neat to watch a live broadcast of a radio program (I know Pratt will comment: “I had my own radio broadcast.”), it was definitely a great experience. The best part was my brief chance to talk with Al and shake his hand (I haven’t washed it since). He signed my copy of “Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot and other observations.” Definitely awesome.

Number 2: Bachelor party plans are confirmed. Suite #4 along the first baseline, Safeco field, versus Baltimore. I am psyched.

Other than that, looking for a house to live in. Job is good, Jess is good, I still don’t have a dog.