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Wow… That’s Some Mighty Good Bruising.

I don’t know why I have such a fascination with my body’s repair mechanisms… but man, is my foot changing colors. I thought I would give a report on how I’m doing foot wise… I finally have feeling back in it, and I’m not limping anymore.. but I’m still stuck with this stupid brace, at least the girls think its cool that I have to wear it (Of course I told them I was saving little cute helpless puppies from a burning building.) Because I saved those puppies this is what my foot is looking like right now…

Cool, huh? After this I don’t think Patrick is going to let me use his camera anymore… Frankly I don’t blame him. I swear, if I didn’t know those were my feet, I would think that whom ever owned those feet forgot that they owed the mafia some money.Well tonight should be fun, I offered to work the first day of Thanksgiving break, so the residents who are not going home for Thanksgiving, and I are going out tonight for dinner, then hopefully enjoy a night of movies on the huge big screen in the basement. I’m looking forward to it. Then in the morning I hand off the pager to the next set of RAs and I head home for breakfast and the rest of the weekend… hopefully I don’t have to deal with any conduct situations at home, but I hear Meagan has been really loud in the halls during quiet hours, so I may have to write her up.