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I tried to give you consolation

I think that Mother Nature and the weather channel are out to get me. No, not in the mob-style, sleep with the fishes type of way. Rather, they conspire to erode my hope, my resolve, my dreams… of a snow day.On Monday, the heavens opened up around third period dropping massive white chunks of promise of a no-school Tuesday. Yet, by fifth period, the sun was out at full capacity. However, this didn’t deter my hope, I took this as a sign of things to come, plus, the weather channel had been listing Friday morning as a snow/rain mix. My optimistic tendencies took hold of me, whispering in my ear that snow in the morning is going to be at least a two-hour delay. At least.

The last two days have brought below freezing temperatures, but no snow. I was still banking on Friday and in turn a four day weekend. The relative lost ark of teachers. Yesterday, the weather channel upgraded Friday from the snow/rain mix to a pure snow shower–I was at full excitement for my first professional snow day. Get out the toboggan.

This morning brought in even lower temperatures, yet it was horribly dry. The static electricity attacks me with every one of my movements. And then, this morning, the final fate… the weather channel broke my heart. “Partly cloudy on Friday.” We’re going to be within arm’s length of zero degrees and all we can get is a little bit of clouds. What about the cold front bearing down out of the Gulf of Alaska? What about dropping inland snow levels? The snow? The four day weekend? All hogwash.

Even though I know that when I take Moose out into the freezing cold at 5:30 tomorrow, into that frozen morning, with the grass crunching under his paws… I know that under partly cloudy skies, I’ll be at work.

But in the future, when I’m under the blistering summer sun during football practice, when my skin is akin to that of a ripe roma tomato and I pray for those partly cloudy skies to save me from the melanoma-rich sun but I know it’ll never come… where will that partly cloudy day be?

Robbing me of a snow day in February.


You can go your own way

It’s been a little bit since I’ve added in an update. The combination of school and school has produced a fair amount of stress and anxiety, though ‘big-boy’ school is becoming more of a nuisance than anything else. It’s not a good sign when I’m working on an assignment and I feel no urge to do my best work–I just want it done. The high school has been interesting this week, this is the first time I’ve ever had staples thrown at my head… but there is a first time for everything… unfortunately.

On the plus side, wedding stuff is moving along. The bachelor party planning should be starting soon, especially now that we know that Gio will be back up here.

Heading to the ‘Burn tonight with Meagan, then picking Jess up and bringing her to the ‘Burn on Saturday, followed by some Super Bowl watchin’ on Sunday.

It’s like I’m walkin’ with a talkin’ machine

Ok… what’s the deal with non-traditional students? Am I some magnet for the weirdest, most ‘out-there’ non-traditional students there are? I’m sitting in my late class tonight, minding my own business when this older-woman plops her stuff down beside me declaring, “Gosh! You sure have a lot to fill in on that crossword.” From that moment on I knew this was not going to be a fun three hours of class. After only a couple minutes of sitting there, my nose starts alerting me to her particular and unique stench. Sitting beside her, I felt like I could smell, and even taste, every cigarette this woman has ever smoked–every camel, every virginia slim… I can smell them all. But this olfactory invasion is not the end of my pre-geriatric problem, this woman starts to invade my space on the table. I was once blessed with enough space for my bottle of water, book, and pad of paper–but now have been reduced to my book under my paper, and the bottle of water on the floor, with Joe Camel encroaching even further. At once point, her notebook was opened onto my pad of paper, giving me access to only half of the lined sheet. She then proceeds to tell me how she has “outlawed red pens when correcting”, or how she did her class assessment on her son, or how she thinks the teacher made an error, or asking me how long I think correcting our papers will take, or continuously telling me that I’ve done a “excellent” job on writing my paper and that it must have been a lot of work writing it out by hand.

And we all know this type of person; she is the kind that asks every inane, obvious question about every possible thing. This is the type of person that takes the teacher’s saying of “we’ll get out early tonight” into a “I’m sorry we stayed a little past nine o’ clock.” And the worst offense of all, of this entire group–is saying “uh huh!” or “Ok!” or “Yep!” when the teacher says anything. The teacher could say, “You know, I really hate babies.” And at least two or three non-traditional students will say, “Yup.” and then you’ll get one who has a question about hating babies.

Now, I implore you, I don’t usually advocate discrimination–but there should be an age limit or at least an annoy-ability limit on the people they let back into college. For the sake of my sanity and nose, please, do not let these people in.

Well, this marks the end of my fifteen-minute break, I still have well over an hour left sitting by my new cacogenic friend.

You can have it all, my empire of dirt

Well, I’m back in to the stride of work and school–I can say, without hesitation, that I do not like working the entire day and then having classes until nine at night. It really diminishes my video game time or my zoned-out tv time. I miss those times. But I guess a productive existence does have its advantages as well… mostly a paycheck. The high school is good in general, although I have had some students go through some really messed up events. As Derek Bell said, “It really makes you realize that there is someone who has it crappier than you.” He said that, or “Networking ensure success” the first one seems a little bit more in line with the conversation.

On Sunday, Jess and I joined a gym… we are now, full fledged, card carrying, secret-handshaking members of Courtsports here in Eugene. I’ve already been there after work on Monday and Tuesday and accumulated around 23 miles on the bike. I’ve been all talk about getting up around five in the morning to go lap swim for an hour before I head off to work–you know, I’m really interested to see if I’ll actually do it. It at least sounds like a good idea, in theory.

This weekend is shaping out to be a trip over to Bend until Monday. It will be a nice change of scenery. But I know that come Tuesday morning when I get up and look out the window, I’ll be praying for snow just as hard, if not harder, than my students do. We’ll see.

say goodbye to the old buildings; never cared much for them anyway

A quick update from the field. It’s been almost a week here in woodburn, and most of that time has been spent being dreadfully sick. It just brings up flashbacks from the summer of ’03 (sorry to all of the Bryan Adams fans: not ’69). But I’ll spare you the detail.Things are going well, the car has a new bumper and a new muffler, obviously Christmas came early for this boy.

My plans for here on out is the typical holiday what-have-ya, then on the 28th, I’m going to head to Bend for a bit (weather permitting) to see Jess and pick out (hopefully) a caterer and photographer. Speaking of the wedding, I’ve already got the plane tickets for our trip back east.

Other than that, School (both meanings of school) starts up on the third, so I imagine for the next three to six months I’ll be an exhausted lump of my former self. Stay tuned, there’s lots of fun to be had.



and if your train is on time, you can get to work by nine

From the looks of it, as of 9am on Monday morning I will be gainfully employed. It will be weird working a job where I don’t have an apron or certain shirt that I have to wear to work.

I have to admit, I have been kind of reserved and timid as far as the prospect of having this job–I think that spawns from not knowing what it is going to be like or what is actually being asked of me. Although, after my meeting with the Super Intendent and other administration, I have a great feeling about taking this job. It was a nice lively, friendly meeting, even though running through my head was: “Hi Super Nintendo Chalmers”.

Its a very nice district, small and appears to be tight knit–almost brand new high school, it is the same one Miller student taught at, I’ve been trying to get a hold of him to tell him, but you know as Miller says, “Miller and answering or being polite by returning phone calls… don’t mix.” Of course, that would get the obligatory Miller response of, “Uh… ya know what… the phone is dead.” It’s always dead.

Miller aside, I finally feel excited about this, maybe it’s just the buzz from seeing that I’ll have an income, regardless the panic has subsided.

Does your face, your pretty face get lost in a crowd

Today marks the last day of TED 610: Electronic Learning Systems. If you want to, you can take a look at the “assignments” we had to make in class.
Today we spent, literally, a half an hour (a quarter of the class) sitting there while we waited for the room’s display systems to come to an agreement with the other technologies so we could see the Powerpoint.

One hour, five minutes to go.

My sister Meagan, has been down here in Eugene for her IntroDUCKtion, I think she’s really liking not being at home. She has been staying in Ganoe Hall, in Bean complex–my old stomping grounds as an RA and resident. I thought that it was really funny when she said, “Well, I hope when I get to the dorms, they’ll be a lot cooler.” Obviously, she hasn’t learned from visiting me in the dorms that solid concrete and brick as a convection oven, especially when you sit directly under the roof of the building.

Meg opted out of having dinner at Carson and I don’t blame her. After working two summers on Campus, Carson is neither a good wide, nutritionally sufficient, artistic palette of flavors–nor does it have breathing room. The entire of the dinning hall is constantly filled during IntroDUCKtion with parents, students, summer students, and every other conference people. Nothing was worse when the cheerleading camps and the wrestling camp are in town at the same time. That’s like a hormone parade with everyone trying to throw candy.

Tonight, I head to Woodburn to drop Meagan off–then it’s right back to Eugene to work on my Diversity project, which I am kind of excited about. We’re doing the project on South Korean international students. They had told us in an interview, that one of the biggest U.S. misconceptions is that they are Japanese. So we’ve titled the project “We’re  not Japanese.” I think it will be fun, if not entertaining.

Alright, time to look like I’m paying attention, in reality, I’ll be playing a word game.

I don’t claim to be an ‘A’ student, but I’m tryin’ to be

Personally, I think it is a big mistake giving laptops to college students during class. They may totally avoid the lesson at hand to update their website–as I am showing through example. I’m currently sitting in TED 610: Electronic Learning systems, which is ultra-fancy college of education speak for “making websites”. This is the last of the three Technology in Education classes, the first was “Electronic Teaching Tools”, translation: Using Powerpoint. The second tech class I took was “Handheld Computers” which is the closest actual name to what was taught.

My sister, Meagan, is coming down to Eugene for a couple of days to make an appearance at the U of O’s IntroDUCKtion. It’s going to be weird knowing I have a family member in such close proximity to me for more than an afternoon. For the longest time, I was the only Wells in this town (well, at least this string of Wells). This town ain’t big enough for the two of us, that’s why I’ll leave after this next year. Ultimately, I think it will be a good thing for everybody… I’ll have someone to hang out with since most of my friends have packed up and left town or on the brink of doing so. Having Meg here will allow her to get out of Woodburn, which I strongly suggest for anyone who has grown up or lived in Woodburn for a couple of years. Woodburn can be a like a blackhole, you get one chance to escape the gravity of Woodburn, but if you linger too long–Woodburn can bend and stretch you, and slow down the time of your reality–sucking you back into a motionless state.

What you can’t see is that there was a break of five minutes, because the instructor was displeased with our ‘un-answering’ of his questions. Despite not doing the reading (I had a big paper last night, too busy to read about making a webpage). I got three out of four questions right. Luckily, this quiz was worth only half of one percent of the overall grade… figures, starting off with a “C”.

I was born in the back seat of a greyhound bus

So here I am, in the basement of the disgraced ex-U of O law school, McKenzie (formerly Grayson, nicknamed: dis-grayson) writing this post. Friday was my last day of the seven hour, five day a week of intensive “Theories of Literacy.” And what did I learn in said class? I learned that it is fun to draw a dog with a birthday hat on… or a one legged rabbit (a personal favorite). I mean literacy is all great and everything, but I was expecting something a little bit more substantial. Although, I did get to make a pretty cool ‘zine in class.

And now for our top story: Today marks the start of the great and continuous trip from Eugene to Woodburn and back again. This will continue for about 2.5 weeks, please expect delays. Basically, I’ll be living in Woodburn and going to school in Eugene. I expect to have a serious case of L.A.S. Syndrome (Left Arm Sunburn) from all of the driving. I’m sure Pratt in his rent-a-cop days can sympathize.

the road to Ensenada was plenty wide and fast

Back into the throws of school, or at least high school.Things I must to do:
-Find somewhere to live (apartment manager)
-Apply to the Special Education Department to get another master’s degree
-Fold and put away my laundry
-Make up new unit/lesson plans
-Hike more
-Exercise more
-Start my novel

I’ll pick one to do, the rest can expect the wayside.

Ashland was amazingly good. I think I could run out my days hiking and having fish ‘n’ chips. Not at once, that would be over-stimulating.

By the way, my next must have