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each feather fell from skin

This posts has been knocking around inside my head for a couple days…

I’ve never been one to take on a new year like a chance to be reborn and improve myself, this year isn’t any different.  However, 2008 has had a distinctive yet blurry feel to it.    I get stuck finding the right adjective to give this year meaning.  Do I lambaste it for its numerous scary and sad moments or do I champion my personal triumphs that arrive in 2008?

I’m stuck.

I can’t get over hating 2008 for all of the medical scares my dad had.  Never before, I had I had to confront the actual possibility of the mortality of my parents.  Never will I forget the drive from Cottage Grove to the hospital in Oregon City where my dad had urgently been admitted.  Until then, hospital trips were resigned to the oldest generations of my family, for broken bones, but never for something that was life-threatening and so close.  It is amazing how the mind sorts through and presents every possibility and how rarely it is positive.  I can’t shake the sense of mourning that had already begun to fog my mind and body as I drove faster and faster.  Thankfully, I was very premature.

I can’t let go that 2008 has been one of the best years for me personally.  To change myself so drastically, to improve something that had been weighing me down literally and metaphorically.  To run my first 5k, to be able to feel like I had never felt has been truly a metamorphosis.  2008 has helped me not only lose nearly 70 pounds but also fix those habits and tendencies that plagued my life to the point that it was dragging me into a unhealthy lifestyle and most likely a premature death.  I never thought that I was able to run over four miles continuously without stopping… both mentally and physically.  It makes me what else am I capable of?  What have I been telling myself “no” about for so long that I wholeheartedly accept a misconception.

How can I hate a year that brought me that?

But I think it is far more complicated than I have laid out.  These two events, which are by far the biggest, are laced together.  Had my dad not had his pulmonary embolisms, I wouldn’t had realized that I was at far more risk for far worse consequences of my own.

I don’t think 2008 was a good year, I’m glad its gone, I also know that it wasn’t a soul-crushing year either, and I’ll be fond of it.  So if it wasn’t either, than it had to be a year of my own education.  Hopefully, I have learned, or at least begun to learn that I must value my body and take care of it.  As well, hopefully I have begun to learn the wealth that exists in the people around me and to let go of the trespasses that I have long held onto, to improve upon my faults and mistakes that I committed on others.

We’ll see what I do with it.  Hopefully I’m not all hyperbole and metaphors but of action.  Here comes 2009.  I don’t have any resolutions.  I just want to keep on learning, hopefully these lessons are at the hands of positive situations, but if not, I must make the best and not let the bad take the fight out of me.

I’m sure it only gets more interesting after this.Train to Salzburg Chris

all my instincts, they soon return

I’m sick. I hate this. Too tired to do most things beyond sitting in bed, barely watching tv. The only benefit to this is that I’ve become the king of naps. As it stands now, I can get in two good-sized naps after school and before I go to bed at 9. I feel like someone should be listening to me through a baby the way, I am now number 55 for the search of Chris Wells:

How you like them apples, Jinky Wells II?


Hooray for Classes?

Since time seems to go in a linear motion, winter break has ended, and I have returned from a hiatus ready to take a new term head on, or at least, I will say that now and cry and whine about it later. I did accomplish one of my goals of going to Victoria B.C., over break, it was a good trip… Makes me want even more to become Canadian, there is something appealing of socialized medicine… But the west coast of Canada is not for me, Newfoundland is my home away from home, I’ve taken it upon myself to check out the exchange program to the University of Saint John’s, we will see the out come; right now it is probably more talk than action, I don’t think I can pull myself away from the seductive call of capitalism.
I haven’t taken it upon myself to start to new term in a good way; last night right before a staff meeting I was stricken with the sudden feeling of “I don’t think my tummy is supposed to feel like that,” hence the entire duration of Thursday night I spent in my bathroom being sick, not a great thing, I don’t recommend it. If there is one good thing about me becoming sick is that Anna and Lindy (my favorite residents) came up to my room and brought me 7-up and a pair of hugs. I was touched. I must sign off from this correspondence, my bed and “Waking Ned Divine” are calling. More updates to come when my life picks up again.

Ps. The “Links” page is now up, you can venture into the strange world of my friends and their websites… enjoy.