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I’ll be a good boy, from now on

Halfway through Spring Break and I am already exhausted, not from lack of sleep, but because I’ve been active. Went to Port Townsend on Friday, it was a great old town, with many of its original buildings intact. Plus, it was two seconds from the beach and thirty minutes from the top of a mountain. I think I found a new favorite spot. Sunday we came home via Seattle via a ferry. Seattle is a beautiful town when viewed from the sound. I just rhymed. All this traveling made for a lot of “sitting in the car” time, which I am not a big fan of, especially when the seatbelt locks you into place and restricts your movements; I felt like a mental patient strapped to a gurney awaiting electroshock therapy. Can it really be call therapy if it gives a seizure?
Let’s see, after that: roto-tilling, NexGen, and the gym (x2). All I have to say about the gym is that I’m extremely sore, which is a badge of honor personally–makes me want to go again, we’ll see if I follow through.