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Giant Killer Killers

Most points ever given up by the Beavers…. what a shame!

But this morning, there’s a calm I can’t explain

I’ve become an infrequent poster. Bad blogger. Bad. That aside, I’ve been pretty busy, with work, football and all. Work is good; I think that I finally found my persona for each of the different classes I have. I am constantly surprised how each period has its own feeling to it. Overall, I’m happy to be back at work, I’ve really missed the daily interaction with students and staff.

I am really enjoying football, especially since we’re now playing games. My freshman team is are 1 – 1, the JV are 3 – 1 with last nights 30 to 16 victory over Creswell. The varsity team takes on Creswell tonight, hopefully to improve their 1 – 3 record. Overall it’s just a lot of fun, I’m really enjoying it.

As for the house, we’re mid-project on putting up a fence for Moose. My dad has graciously loaned us his skill and power tools to get the fence up. We’re one gate and some cosmetic touches away from being done…and, I still have all my fingers. A feat unto itself.

Moose is doing well, he’s mastered the art of sitting, eating, and shredding. He’s still a good pup, he’s really a quick learner and happy to stay by Jess and myself (more Jess than me). He’s now 11 weeks old and probably tipping the scales at a mean 30 pounds. I think most of that weight is his razor-sharp puppy teeth and bony tail.

I’ll get some more recent moose-pics one I can find the USB cable that goes to my digital camera.

I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat.