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…a good year

In my 11th/12th grade classes, we work hard on improving their reading, specifically comprehension, to do so we use an online based program suite called Teenbiz 3000. This program has them writing, responding, reading, answering questions.  As well, kids can also submit jokes or riddles to be displayed (if they’re lucky) on the main page for an entire day.  Every time we use this program they check the daily joke, which is usually followed by a groan over the sappy, elementary joke (ex. Why was six afraid of seven… beacuse seven, eight, nine).  However, on this day, my first period students were saying, “Whoa, that joke is actually kind of funny.  I can’t believe they put that on there.”  Having never heard the students actually like the daily joke, I looked at the joke:

What do you do with 365 used rubbers?  Melt them down and call it a good year.”

Apparently, the editors of the program, which is designed to improve comprehension, didn’t comprehend the meaning of the joke.  I’m sure there was a complaint from someone because by the following period, the joke was replaced with another groaner.  I can’t imagine how proud the kid is who submitted that joke, my only hope is that he saw it.  The lesson to be learned is that if you’re an editor of a education site used by kids all across the country and you don’t get a joke… ask around because my students definitely got it… now that’s improving reading comprehension.