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Jingle Bell 5k

Well, I said I would give it a shot and I did so.  Last Saturday, starting at the high school track, through the praking lot, down through the Spirit trail, down “R” street, a couple twists and turn then back down River Road, back down the track and, 3.2 miles late, through the finishline in under thirty minutes at 29:19. 

Previous to the beginning of the race, I picked someone who I was going to try and beat.  I found the one guy who I thought would be no problem.  Sadly, reality set in when I was huffing and puffing toward the high school finish line, and my target (number 51) finishing his cup of hot cocoa in the parkinglot. 

I had dreaded throughout the whole run that I was going to be the last runner to cross the finishline. As I’m heading down the last quarter-mile on River Road, I notice one person who was slowly making a bid to upset my position.  Once I crossed the finishline, I had made up some distance from my chaser.  I totally out ran that elderly woman.  To ease my fears, I was actually far from last and equally far from first.  There were at least fifteen people who ran in after me.  Thankfully, none of the 5k walkers finished before nor near me.

I was glad to be able to run this 5k, I would definitely run another one.  One of the best parts was that I got to run with a buddy of mine, Garrett.  We pushed each other to both join up and then tried to recruit others to join up.  We were the solid ones, we stuck to our word and finished the race, although Garrett had finshed ahead of me.  He got close to our goal of running the 5k in 27 minutes.  Garrett was a lot closer than I was, through our first mile we kept our pace, running a 8:53.  I had to slow down after that, I realized that my competitive nature was overpowering my pace and could have made the run a lot harder on myself than it had to be; so I scaled back and kept my pace… which helped make successful.

What did I learn.  Well, I learned there is a lot I can do that I assumed I would never have.  If you had suggested a year ago that I could run, let alone finish a 5k, I would have been severely skeptical.  But yet, here I am, having finished my first race and looking forward to others.  Maybe, if I’m lucky, the next one will be in a faster pace, but if not, so what… at least I did it.  And even that is an improvement.

The race for less… update

It has definitely been a while since I’ve updated my on-going fisticuffs with my weight.  This doesn’t mean I’ve been regressing, it just shows that as I continue to lose weight, it seems like it is harder for me to do so at a faster pace.  I’m not sure if this is because of the changes to my size and body, or maybe my suspicion is that I’m sliding on my eating regiment.  I’m just slightly frustrated, still losing, but frustrated.

Thankfully, I have been fairly diligent on exercising.  By random chance, I’ve started running with a couple of teachers at the high school.  We usually run about three miles each time we run, which is between two and three times a week.  Granted, I’m not the fastest, but certainly keep up but most importantly I don’t stop.  In the past, even running a continious half mile seemed to be a great undertaking.  Every time I run, I definitely find ‘The Wall’ (not a Pink Flyod reference) where mentally I have a hard time feeling that I can last the entire run, but then I give myself short goals: “make it to Harrison St.” or “Just back to the High School”.  These help, they are always within my sign and they have made it so I haven’t quit. 

Even the boundires of my usual run of three miles gets pushed.  This weekend, my mom spent two days with us in the Grove.  On Sunday, she and I went for a run and ended up doing four miles and by the end of the run, I felt as though as I just did a light jog around the block. 

On to the numbers… As of this morning, I am down to 236 pounds, wihch is an overall weight loss of 64 pounds.  I’m down 2 pant sizes and a shirt size.  Which is why we’ve spent a ridiculous amount of money refitting my wardorbe because I can’t walk around looking like I’m wearing garbage bags.  I’ve lost 21.3% of my original weight and I am 6 pounds shy of my inital goal.  That’s like I lost a fifth grader. 

Everyday is a battle and choice, I just need to make sure I’m making the best of both of those.

The race for less… update

As of this morning, I have offically lost 20% of my original body weight of 300 pounds.  Now that I am at 240, I have only 10 pounds left to shed before I reach my inital goal.  As for my main goal, I’m striving for 40 more pounds.  Honestly, I don’t think I have weighted so little since freshman year of high school.  My weight on my drivers license now out weighs me by 20 pounds.  If it didn’t cost money or use up valuable time, I would have like to get a new license, just kind of a reminder for myself. 

There have been so many different benefits from this, it has truly changed me.  I sleep better, I feel happier, people treat me differently, I get sick less, I run faster, I work out longer, I get angry less, and I have a overwhelming burst of self-confidence and a positive self-image.  My only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago, how much of my life could I have made brighter if I had implemented self-control and a workout routine?  I guess that sometimes, one’s head can only be removed from dark places at specific times in life… luckily, I pulled my out when my chance came along.

This has honestly been the hardest, yet most fulfilling and affirming 10 months of my life.  Here’s to taking a scary situation and making it work for you.