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He’s trying hard to forget what is hard to remember?

Finals are over. Not my finals (not that I had any), but correcting well over 120 student finals. If you’ve got any questions over To Kill a Mockingbird or Harold and Maude now would be the best time to get answers.

Speaking of school, it is amazing how some kids are boundlessly cruel. The effort that they put forth into torturing other students is endless. I just wish that some of those kids could have put at least a fraction of their harassment energy into their school energy–maybe then I wouldn’t have to watch them cry when they find out they aren’t going to pass.

Well, I’m done at Thurston High School. Today is my last day, I’m going to return all of the books I have, eat a little BBQ in their courtyard and then punish the student who inspired the previous rant. I thought it was especially crafty of me to get her to come into school on the first day of summer. and the day after her birthday. This is why you shouldn’t be cruel.

…until this trash-can dream comes true

well, it is now obvious that that I’m no Jinky Wells II– I’ll just stop trying to be what I’m not: a teddy bear. Well, here’s to button eyes.I think everyone should slow down their lives for me. With everyone getting houses, spouses, and other things that rhymes with house or spouse. Mouses, I guess. Everyone’s adult lives makes me want to stop being in school. Stupid school. I’m tired. I want a house. and a dog. but mostly a dog.

Anyway, I am back at good ol’ Thurston High– yup, there all day, the workin’ man’s duration, minus the pay. or any pay at all. I find myself so extremely tired come the end of the school day, that lately I’ve come back home and sleep for three hours… before my bedtime.

Once again, I digress. The real intention of this post is to set this Derek vs. Derek thing to a rest. So please take a moment and vote on the poll on who is the real Derek. Can’t we all just be Derek?


I’m surrounded by all this pavement

Surrounded is right. What a hectic and terrible past two months this has been. I’ve been trapped in work, school, and life from head to toe. In two days will be my last day at Thurston for at least three months which is really too bad because I’ve really enjoyed the classes I teach and the teacher I work with. Next term I’ll be at Agnes Stewart Middle School–I’m not sure if I can take the difference of everyone being half my size. I am going to miss a lot of the other student teachers that I work with at Thurston…but…we will see each other in classes in the evening.

So, its now nearing the end of my first term in grad school, I have mound upon mound of papers that are due and assignments to write for my last class at Thurston–all of which can explain why I’m updating the webpage. Even without my usual high dosage of procrastination… there is still so much to do. I guess new found academic maturity can only go so far. That being said, I should have skipped my undergraduate degree and gone straight for the masters. I am not sure if it is the content or classes, but something is clicking with me and making this a supremely successful first showing.

This update has already taken me four hours to produce, so you can imagine how productive I am actually being… either way, I don’t have much to report on–so until I feel inspired again…

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