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Red all over…

This weekend Jess and I went to her parents’ ranch.  And, as it annual happens, I’ve come back sun-burned.  Even with the rain and clouds, I get burned.  Damn my poreclain-like complexion. 

We had a good weekend, we got to help out a lot around the Ranch.  On Saturday, we cleaned up a lot of the trees.  And by “cleaned” I mean pulled some down, cut some up and burned a lot of them.  There’s nothing like chainsawing in the bucket of a tractor… kind of a new expereince.  Although my favorite was helping to chainup and pull entire trees across a field with the tractor.  Kind of makes you feel more like a man… well, at least it would of if Jess had let me drive the tractor (with my trackrecord with cluthes and transmissions, it is no wonder she didn’t). 

On Sunday, we sorted their two herds of cattle, treated a couple cows, and tagged two brand new calfs, once of which was nice enough to stamp down on my foot.  But honestly, I can’t blame him… If I was a day old and someone was trying to manhandle (cowhandle?) me I think I’d do a lot of stamping.  Beside the hoof to foot contact, I really enjoy working with the cattle.  There’s something almost peaceful about them, plus they are far more predictable than the horses.  Horses are just too flighty for me, plus in the past, they’ve bucked me off and kicked me… I’m not one to hand around an abusive relationship. 

Not counting today, there are exactly 8 days left of school.  It is remarkable how quick this year has move through.  Many people have said, “Well, it’s because you’re getting older.”  Personally, I hope that’s not the case, because I’m only 26 now, if this aging thing continues, I’ll be at light-speed in no time. 

Unfortunately (more for the students than me), being sunburned and somewhat tired has given me a sour disposition today, although it doesn’t help that after a two-day weekend, it seems that the students forget everything we’ve been doing for the past three weeks.  Schedules, out the window.  Routines, what routines?  Just kind of frustrating… not to mention that everyone has to mentioned that I am a little pink as though I didn’t notice.   Stupid UV rays.