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My head can’t tolerate this bobbing and pretending

I guess I’m on a TMBG kick… not too bad if I say so my self. This update is going to be one part complaining one part explaining.Complaint:
Either the U of O Bookstore or Dell are operating on two different calendars or at least they have their reality set to different speeds. First, my computer was going to be here last Thursday, then it was this Friday, now it is Monday for sure (hypothetically, of course). Come on, I’m spoiled–the world should meet my every need when I request it. I’m sorry, folks, that’s just the way we do business ’round here.

I think the my server people are on the sauce again and have since made my website semi-functional. As of the time of this post, the poll is leading no where and and the comments were equally nowhere bound. I’ll post when (if) these are back in full operation–for the three of you who use both functions.

ps.– busted out the old-school Nintendo today, hitting up the Mario Borthers 1 & 3, followed up by some hardcore Duckhunt. This brought back a lot of memories, mostly of how much drug based game development the Mario Brothers games are… not even mentioning Mario Brothers — now that’s a trip. You can keep your Playstations and Xboxes, I’m keeping it real with my NES and SNES. I can’t wait until they release GTA Vicecity for the Nintendo.