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Count the headlights out on the highway


Well, my first football season has come and gone. The Varsity team ends 4-6, effectively doubling their record from last year. An interesting stat is that we out numbered our opponents in first downs in all but one game. Our main running back ran for 323 yards in the last game, putting him not only at 1188 rushing yards on the year, but also almost 100 yards longer than the school record–which has been in place since 1992. We had two or three 2nd team All-league titles handed out, and a bunch of honorable mentions.

The JV team had a good year with a 7-2 record. For the freshman team it was a rebuilding year (seeing as there was no freshman team last year.) They went 2-5, but in their defense, 4 of those schools were 4A teams, and 2 of the teams even played some juniors against us.

In other news: I spent the weekend up in the north country of Oregon. Hung out with the fellas, doing a little Old Chicago followed by some NCAA Football 2006. Created a new team: Salt Lake State Shakers, who played in Morton Stadium. For the last half of the evening we all endured our horrible jokes of, “the defense looks shaken,” and, of course, the inevitable jokes about the Shaker religion and their furniture.

Anyways, since this week is civil war week (Oregon Ducks vs. Oregon State Beavers–not Union vs. Confederacy) here is a little graphic I made for my dad in celebration of the eventual trouncing of the Beavs:


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I never ever saw the northern lights

Another twenty hours in the car and I am back in Eugene.

A rather recent plan was hatched by Pratt and Derek Bell to go catch the Cal/Oregon game down in Berkely. Thankfully, the plan for them to leave Portland after 4:30 in the afternoon was scrapped for a much more reasonable 11:00 am. We had a pretty good 10 hour drive, with a stop outside of Roseburg and a gas break in Weed. I’d like to mention that none of us wanted to stop there because it’s reputation as an obligatory college trip stop. I promise, no picture of “weed” bearing road signs were taken. Not a single marijuana joke was had.

We rolled into San Fransico about 10:30 at night. We stayed at the luxurious South San Fransico Motel Six off of South Airport Blvd. and Mitchell. Quickly, we renamed it to the “Motel Sketch.” It wasn’t neccesarily the duct tape holding down the carpet, nor the two cops I saw either leaving or parked in the parking lot, or even the guy leaning out of a window just so he could smoke from the third floor…. really, it wasn’t horribly generic white cardboard packaged condom in the snack vending machine, bearing an aptly named black ink “CONDOM” label. Our room was small, and without the roll out bed that we were promise (my back is still protesting two nights on the floor), it was even without shampoo or more than one bar of soap. There wasn’t even a clock in the room, but I assure you, if there had been an alarm clock–it would have been adorned with a mysterious (yet impresively large) crusty stain to match the blankets on the beds, the floor, and the brown/black stain on the pillows. I think “Motel Sketch” is apt.

We hit up the local SFO Lyon’s for breakfast an beer, of which I had two. Two beers, not two breakfasts. Eventually Giovanni showed up, we all hung around eating our respective meals, drinking our respective beers. We ventured into the local Food Mart at a gas station or buy all of the things that were lacking from our hotel room.

On Saturday, we hopped on the BART (the bay area’s response to the MAX) and road into Berekly to meet up with Gio. It was remarkable how many Duck fans were on the train and at the football game. The Oregon fans could easily compete with the noise of the home team’s crowd. The people around us were really nice and very funny. They even liked my Greg Miller inspired sign of “You can duck a bear but you can’t bear a duck“, which was held up on every good Oregon play. With the true conviction and follow through of every Oregon football team, we lost. But we had fun doing it. Memorial stadium was a nice venue, first opened in 1921, it really hasn’t been touched after that date. The seats are a warped version of planks which offered the least amount leg room possible. But a good time none the less.

We stopped by Gio’s house to meet his parents, then they lumped on the hospitality–no offense to my other friends, but Gio’s parents are the coolest, no other parent has given me beer and smoked salmon within 5 minutes of walking in the door and then offered me San Fransico 49er tickets. Later that night we hit up an adult answer to Chuck E. Cheese’s, “Dave and Barry’s”. We played video games, we drank beer, we had good food… it just doesn’t get better than that.

Sunday morning we hit the road back to Oregon. All in all, a great trip–not long enough, I would have like to have seen some more of the bay area, but there is always next time. And by next time, I mean no more 10 hours in the car, I’ll cough up some money to fly, anything to avoid the car.