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say goodbye to the old buildings; never cared much for them anyway

A quick update from the field. It’s been almost a week here in woodburn, and most of that time has been spent being dreadfully sick. It just brings up flashbacks from the summer of ’03 (sorry to all of the Bryan Adams fans: not ’69). But I’ll spare you the detail.Things are going well, the car has a new bumper and a new muffler, obviously Christmas came early for this boy.

My plans for here on out is the typical holiday what-have-ya, then on the 28th, I’m going to head to Bend for a bit (weather permitting) to see Jess and pick out (hopefully) a caterer and photographer. Speaking of the wedding, I’ve already got the plane tickets for our trip back east.

Other than that, School (both meanings of school) starts up on the third, so I imagine for the next three to six months I’ll be an exhausted lump of my former self. Stay tuned, there’s lots of fun to be had.



Isn’t it lonely? How I still hang around here

Well, it’s happened again–Jess has headed home for the three weeks of winter vacation. What does this mean for me? It took me two hours to drag the computer into the living room, an hour later–I rented Curb Your Enthusiasm (which is too realistic) and Supersize Me. Welcome to seclusion.First week of teaching has come and gone–and I’m tired. Nineteen weeks to go, but I think this will be an interesting and helpful experience. But it may make me a completely removed from society beyond school and the commute home.

Back to the Sunday of Chris.