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There’s a hole in the prettiest life, so the lawyers and prophets say

I think this has been the longest gap in updates that I have ever committed. Well, I should be more considerate… I should. Well I have been under all different kinds of stress lately, mostly due to Grad School: applications, essays, letters of recommendations, and expensive-long-hard-tests. But that aside, I have been working in a special ed class room at a local elementary school and it is one of the best experiences I have ever had. I can definitely see kids who were as big of a pain as I was at their age. I witnessed something today that made me laugh the rest of the day; while monitoring a kid on the playground, I heard the faint sounds of regurgitated lunch hit the blacktop. As kids are known to do, this one boy had let loose his lunch. The funny part was that no sooner had the kid been rushed off to the office, that other kids start bounding toward the newly formed puddle of up-chuck. “I am going to throw up now, too” was the common phrase that was uttered from palm-capped mouths. My favorite comment was, “Oh man, that is so cool.” You’d think kids would have the common sense to not step in vomit, but I had to play vomit patrol I found myself saying “No, don’t touch it,” or “No, we all don’t need to try and jump over it.” Anyways. I like this, I could do this for a job… the working in a school, not the vomit patrol.

Another update to come when (if) I get some free time (ha.)