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Seinfield Moment

What’s the deal with those people that hold the signs for store sales?  Do they really think that having some semi-raggedy looking person waving at me while clinging to a yard sign is really going to increase the chances of me stopping by their business?

“Well, gosh dear, that fine fellow just waved at us, and his sign does say that it is the sale of the century, we better head directly there, forthwith.”

Although, today, while on Coburg in  Eugene, the guy doing the “come hither” wave was a nice variation, yet ineffective.  At least put the poor sap in a costume, dress him or her as batman, a banana, or a bear.  But please, don’t think that will sway me.  What I find most shocking is that this is a job that you can earn minimum wage for…  seriously, you’ve already invested in the sign and the wooden stick, you could jam it into the grass and save yourself 8 hours of minimum wage (are there benefits with a sign-waver’s job, dental?) or better yet, take three dollars of that day’s worth of pay and duct tape it to a pole.

But please, what ever you do, don’t wave at me.