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Switching over

Weighing the cost of webpage hosting versus diapers (did I mention we spent $200 per month on diapers), I’ve abandoned hosting It will, however, flip over to All the content has migrated with it, and it should work fine, especially since it’s free.


I thought that I would make use of this post and get a couple of different things into it.

First off, here is a picture that was captured at one of our home games, I’m assuming it was earlier in the football season as it was starting to get dark earlier at the later part of the season.  I’m pretty sure that was taken when I was running over to the whole team with the linemen after their group warm ups:

Second item on the agenda; I’ve decided to run a 5k this Saturday.  I’ve been running pretty regularly for the past couple of weeks.  The race is call the Jingle Bell run which is put together to help support the Cottage Grove Jog Club as well as a charity here in town.  Believe me, I have no intention or want to (nor believe that I could) win the race.  I’m looking for a steady pace and a finish.

Emphasis on the finish.  Luckily, I’ll be running with at least two other teachers from the high school.  Their pace is little faster than my natural gait but I can easily keep up, hopefully keep enough energy for a kick at the end.  I’ll post the results here.

Like I said, I’ve been running consistently, three miles here, four miles at other times.  I’ve ran with Jess, my mom and co-workers… and I haven’t had a bad run yet, even though I have had to scare away a couple of dogs.  As for today’s run, I couldn’t find a partner so I ventured off on my own, which was a first.   I was worried that I would lose my motivation to keep a pace and finish without stopping if I didn’t have others to pace me or compete against.  But I was wrong, I plowed through nearly four miles.  Here’s a Google Map view of today’s run:

My buddy Ricky, who is the long-distance coach for the track team, sent me a wonderful site that has helped me map out my routes and tracking what I have done.  You can find a link here.  Using Google Maps, it allows me to click out my path, giving me mileage counts and even elevation.  As well, I can save my routes for later use or look up other saved routes to give me a variety of runs.

Ricky also gave me an immense spread sheet that charts absolutely everything.  Mileage, Year-to-Date mileage, Life-to-Date Mileage, average pace, heart rate, how far I’ve ran in a particular pair of shoes and even tracking my progress to the moon or around the world.  Twenty-eight miles down.  Hopefully, I will be diligent and keep track of my progress.

To help me do so, even when I’m away from my spreadsheet I’ve added the WPss plugin to Box of Whine.  This allows me to intergrate spreadsheets into this site.  If you haven’t notice, there is a new section to the top of the post and to the side that says “Running Log”.  Here, you can see my progress, when I’ve done well, when I’ve slacked.  This is just a parred down version of Ricky’s spreadsheet, but nonetheless, it helps me track and I can add to it from any computer with internet access.

Just a note

Just a note to let you all know that you can now contact me through Box of Whine, if you took to the top of the page, as well as on the right hand side, you’ll see “Whine Contact”.  Click on that, fill out the information with your message and the interweb sends it on to me. 


Fancy, I know.

I don’t care how you get here…

The top search queries that bring people to Box of Whine are:

  • whine photo
  • biceps pain racquetball
  • what is the residue left on hands by oranges?

Ok… the first one I can understand, even the racquetball search I can rationalize because I have made a bunch of racquetball posts.  But the last one, that’s mistifying.  I don’t think I’ve ever talked about the reside left on my hands by oranges.  I think that’s called orange juice, isn’t it?

Transition: Complete

Well, it took me a little over two days but the transition from the old Box of Whine to the this new one is finally complete.  Cataloged, indexed, tagged, and sorted–all of the previous posts are now in order and you can search through them by the date, topic, tags, or almost anything else that seems to move you.

Newly Re-born (again) Website

You’re bearing witness to the rebirth of a website. Box of Whine has seen many changes in its days since its inception about 7 years ago. A big thanks to Derek Rose for his previous design and how well it ran. By updating the website and making it look new, hopefully it will encourage me to post more often.

As time goes on, I’ll be importing the old posts from the previous version… sorry, I’m not so committed to trawl through the comments and repost them, but it was a nice thought.  Thanks for asking.

but the hills of Iowa make me wish that I could

I woke up with an interesting notion this morning. The wedding is exactly two months away. With everyday I get a little more excited, a little more “grown-up” feeling. Let alone the amazement that some would date me for almost four years, let alone trade vows and rings. But I’m very lucky, Jess is a great person–hopefully she can help me to become more mature (or as she puts it, keeping my laundry off of my bedroom floor). Personally, I think I’m getting the better deal, she’s calm, organized, clean, and anything by chaotic. I can at least cook.I can’t wait until the wedding, mostly to see the wedding dress, since Jess has initiated a media blackout on the details of her dress, all except that it’s white. It will be fun, there will be a lot of people that I haven’t seen in a long time, lots of friends and some distant family members… although, most people there will have the last name Hanson or will be directly related to a Hanson. I’ve been working on a web page to organize the detail of the wedding, it’s not near completion, but it’s up, take a gander: I promise to get more done on it. As well, let me know what you think.

As I figure it, this is kind of a culminating party for the first quarter of my life. Nothing says welcome to being an adult like a wife, a new job, and fistful of degrees to launch in to the next chapter.

Tomorrow, I’ll be even more excited.


…Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble…

Just by pure coincidence it has been a month since I’ve written an update. So a lot and very little happened over the course of the last month… but nothing really worth mentioning besides that I very much dislike my new German teacher… she’s evil, I can see it in her eyes, they say, “Guten Tag! Ich bin sehr eninen bvse Ochse.” (Translation: Good day! I am a very evil ox.) It is unbelievable, in class some one will ask for an explanation on something and all she says is “Azo…” which is basically blowing off the question in German… it is not fun to be disregarded in English but in another language that you don’t fully understand is really mean. Anthropology is… weird, nothing like boring lectures one day and illicit movies the next day. Someone else’s money hard at work.

Hopefully my plans for this summer are coming together, I am planning to move off campus… what is this? Chris off campus, what a novel concept! I am going to make the big amazing step to not living in a dorm… I know this will be a new and somewhat religious experience for me, this has such ramifications as not going home to work, or going to work when I am trying to sleep. I think you get the picture. I tell ya, when that last box leave Parsons 221, I will rejoice as the happiest person in the world. Aside from moving off campus (off campus! Yeah!) I’ll be (hopefully) working as a Desk Assistant during the summer. Hopefully do some visiting with out of town friends and hanging around with in town friends. The only bad thing about this summer will be that Jessica will be in Mexico for 6 weeks… This will be a huge change from seeing her daily to not seeing her for almost two months. It will be like Winter break… just with far less presents and far more sun, and longer… but people got to do what they need to do and I know this will be good for her.
At the request of various people to get a better scanner and scan a picture of Jessica, I have done so. Thanks to Mom and Dad for the generous donation of a scanner here she is: so one more time I am going to have to talk about this wonderful person… now that the “crap (and I use term loosely)” passed, or at least most of it… it is nice to actually enjoy our relationship; now I can work on being happier instead of irritated all of the time as well as a drag. But thanks to Jess, I remained within the confines of sanity and sometimes happiness, even though I would try and fight it should would at least get a smile from me. She’s good at that. I think I like this relationship thing, I could get used to this; its nice to have someone to do the small things with, watch tv, go walking, running (sometimes by force), it makes everything that much better… and it’s all to her credit. I will definitely miss her intensely over the summer… or even a weekend when she has gone home to her parents place.

Until I get more creative juices…

Ps. I’ve added a ‘Title’ page, which lists all of the titles that I’ve used (at least the musical ones) and where they are from as well as who it was written/performed by. I’ll post the link here but from here-on-out it will be at the very top of page with this link “Titles”.

with 10 miles behind me and 10,000 more to go…

Well… if you checked this webpage within the last day, you would have noticed that I accidentally deleted the previous post, but thanks to my dad, it has been saved… never to be lost again. The only real think I have to proclaim with this update is that on your left, on the side bar near the bottom, you’ll see a picture… that is a live (if my camera is on) view of my room or what ever I want you to see. Sometime it will be a view of out my window or maybe of a little trinket on my desk. Anyways, you can click on the picture to see a bigger view of the picture. Hmm, well, birthday is tomorrow… making dinner for Nora, I get to cook; I’m looking forward to that. More stories of my misadventures to come.

Java vs. Browser, browser wins…

Well, I’ve gone and done it again, I have redone the page, once again… I received too many complaints of “oh woe is me, my little ol’ browser can’t handle your masterful programming of Java.” Well I have taken pity on the folks who are less java privileged than myself. If you notice, I have took a step back in technology, hence the frame to your left. If you have anymore problems with the web site, let me know. As far as today was concerned, I finished a Philosophy 170 (Love and sex) 3 – 5 mandated paper with a whopping 5 pages, that’s two pages of un-requested thoughts of mine, I pity the foo’ who gets to read my ramblings about “the sacredness of marriage”. Tomorrow has me excited though, I will be at a rally here on campus that Bill Bradley, Ron Wyden (One of our Senators), and Peter DeFazio (one of our Representatives in the house), will all be speaking at. It is billed as a “Get out the vote” rally, with Everclear playing. Hopefully I can get a hold of my friend Patrick’s Digital Camera so I can provide some pictures.