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Better than Omega-3’s

A little shameless bragging and ruthless plugging:

It’s time to get resaturated, Pratt and I worked on his blog, Saturatedpratt and updated it to run WordPress.  Hopefully he’ll find it easier to post, making more frequent musing more available.  He’s already went through and entered all of his posts dating back to the year 2000…  an innocent and darling time for the interweb.  Take a gander, harass him to post semi-frequently, rather than semi-annually.

Top Search Phrases

We here at Box of Whine like to beleive that our content is wide and varied, as well as entertaining.  With that, here are the top three search terms for 9/24/2008:

Another fancy feature; another heartattack

Seeing as all those partaking of Box of Whine are diligently observant (especially with my typos) you’ve have surely noticed the little icons appearing throughout the site.  These are gravatars, gravatars (as I’m sure a lot of you know) stand for Globally Recognized Avatars.  The ones you see when I post or when I comment are connected to my email address.  Many other sites use gravatars and so my icon is the same across all of them.  You may asking yourself, “Self, I would surely enjoy having my own gravatar so that when I do comment on Box of Whine, my icon may appear in all of its glory.”  To answer such deep-seated questions, here is the solution: go to and sign-up.  It will associate a picture that you will have uploaded with your email and then sites, such as this splendid venue, will proudly showcase your icon of choice.

Of course, adding a new feature to this site has never been easy, something always goes wrong (I have learned my $150 lesson), therefore I always backup when there is a new version of WordPress.  After installing, activating, and customizing the latest plug-in to have gravatars, I started getting messages that the database for this site was nowhere to be found.   There was at least 15 good minutes spent panicing and cursing myself for once again hobbling my site.  Thankfully, I think the server was just having a hiccup episode, not long after everything started to come back, but not before my blood pressure spiked. I don’t see how people can do this stuff for a living, it’s hard enough as a hobby.

Site update

Just a quick update; I’ve installed the plugin “Tagline Rotator”, which (surprisingly enough) rotates the taglines seen above next to the title.  Hypothetically, when you visit (I’m sure at least five times a day) it will display a different tagline.

If you have any suggestions for any other taglines, comment below.

Time to pick a name…

In my vain attempt to do different things within my classroom, I’ve decided that I will be maing a website where students will be posting some of their work.  From there, it can be commented on, reviewed, and so on… that way it doesn’t neccesarily have to be the usually turn in and hand back format.  With the website, it would be WordPress based, such as Box of Whine, but with the school site I would remain the administrator of the sight while all of the students would have a contributor’s log on…meaning I would review everything before it was posted. Overall, it’s bringing in technology and blogging into the classroom to make it a different experience.

So here’s what I need help with from you, loyal readers.  I have one idea for the name, but Jess has informed me that it’s pretty lame (–since my ideas are supposedly flat and lifeless, do y’all have some suggestions?  Parameters: It’s school appropriate, no allusions, hints, winks, nods, or gestures to sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, tardiness or cheating.  It has to have some realtion to my name, the high school (Cottage Grove), Language Arts, or my room number (108)… or some combination of those.

Let me know you’ve got… thanks.

Benjamin and Ulysses

You’re looking at $150.  Stupidly, I managed to overwrite all of the files on my server.  Thankfully, Godaddy (my host) backs up all servers every night, so we only miss out on a day’s worth of no one commenting.  Sadly, to use the back up version of my server there was a $150 “resource” fee.  I’m not sure how they rationalize that amount of money to do it (seeing as it was probably only a couple of clicks to fix the problem) but the money was put down. 

Lesson learned: I’ll be more diligent about backing up.

Transition: Complete

Well, it took me a little over two days but the transition from the old Box of Whine to the this new one is finally complete.  Cataloged, indexed, tagged, and sorted–all of the previous posts are now in order and you can search through them by the date, topic, tags, or almost anything else that seems to move you.

Newly Re-born (again) Website

You’re bearing witness to the rebirth of a website. Box of Whine has seen many changes in its days since its inception about 7 years ago. A big thanks to Derek Rose for his previous design and how well it ran. By updating the website and making it look new, hopefully it will encourage me to post more often.

As time goes on, I’ll be importing the old posts from the previous version… sorry, I’m not so committed to trawl through the comments and repost them, but it was a nice thought.  Thanks for asking.

My head can’t tolerate this bobbing and pretending

I guess I’m on a TMBG kick… not too bad if I say so my self. This update is going to be one part complaining one part explaining.Complaint:
Either the U of O Bookstore or Dell are operating on two different calendars or at least they have their reality set to different speeds. First, my computer was going to be here last Thursday, then it was this Friday, now it is Monday for sure (hypothetically, of course). Come on, I’m spoiled–the world should meet my every need when I request it. I’m sorry, folks, that’s just the way we do business ’round here.

I think the my server people are on the sauce again and have since made my website semi-functional. As of the time of this post, the poll is leading no where and and the comments were equally nowhere bound. I’ll post when (if) these are back in full operation–for the three of you who use both functions.

ps.– busted out the old-school Nintendo today, hitting up the Mario Borthers 1 & 3, followed up by some hardcore Duckhunt. This brought back a lot of memories, mostly of how much drug based game development the Mario Brothers games are… not even mentioning Mario Brothers — now that’s a trip. You can keep your Playstations and Xboxes, I’m keeping it real with my NES and SNES. I can’t wait until they release GTA Vicecity for the Nintendo.



Like a coin that’ll never get tossed

Let the unveiling begin. Here is the start of yet another website. I know that people thought I should get “” or “” but no, I decided to rise above expectations (translation: they were taken). A mighty big thanks to Derek Rose for his help and work– most importantly with the code. This set up will make it infinitely easier for me to post which means more of a quantity… I can’t guarantee quality, though. Plus, there are cool little features throughout the website (for example the poll at the bottom of the page.) Let me know what you think of the new surroundings.

ps. As an unbiased observer, I highly suggest taking a look at Derek’s on going web-extravaganza: Pathetisad the comic .