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Marrying off Meagan

Last Saturday, I was given the honor to do one of the most important things I’ve ever had to do as a brother: officiate at my sister’s wedding to Robert.  As beautiful as the day was, Meagan surpassed it in every way.  It was amazing to be a part in such a momentous moment in life and hopefully it serves as a great dawn to a new family.  At my sister’s request, I wrote the entire ceremony… all 32 minutes of it.  As not to force mass amounts of reading upon you, here is the part that I love the most and am the most proud of:

Standing on the edge of this awe-inspiring day, we are here to bear witness and join together the lives of Meagan Marrity Wells and Robert Martin Clark, two best friends.   We understand that we are here because this ceremony, in part, is a formality, a requirement by the state of Oregon.  However, this ceremony does not promise love or even require it; however, it is you two, Meagan and Robert, that have brought love here from your everyday lives.  It is not just you that stands before us, it is your love for one another.

As you will be married today, you will be husband and wife– but this is only the first step.  As many of the people here can attest, marriage isn’t just a beautiful ceremony before friends and family; marriage is found in the every day, in the minutes and small details that are sewn into each day.  Have a deep and profound love of these grand moments, the ones that require special words and fill picture albums.  But remember that these are rare in busy lives.  However, give testimony to the little things in your lives together that may get only a moment’s thought: a touch here, a little note there, a kiss on the forehead, or even asking, “How was your day?” These things, as trivial as they may seem, are the underpinnings of your lives together.  These small things existed between you, long before any of us knew that we were going to stand  here today.  I would venture a guess that these small things existed before even you two knew you would be here as well.  Realize these little moments, these dew drops of happiness.

Recognize that marriage is not just a partnership or equality.  Yes, most of the time, marriage is about sharing and completing each other, but there will be times when sharing and completing are not enough. Rather, in these times, the world will press down upon you, and you will need one another to hold you, to reassure you, and, at times, to carry you.  Let the world bring its might against you, batter your doors, smash out your windows, break apart everything else—as long as you two are embraced, the world is nothing more than a blustery mosquito.

As you will be husband and wife, you must understand that this is a happy and fairytale beginning to a long life together—as it should be—but, the responsibility of taking this fairytale through its entirety rests upon your shoulders. To be in love, to be married means to be forgetful:

  • Be forgetful of yourself.  Set aside your needs and take up the needs of your partner, because only then, will both of you get what you desire.
  • Be forgetful of each other’s quirks and faults.  Learn to love those things that aggravate you, irritate you, or even make you laugh.
  • Be forgetful of arguments.  Much like a match, it serves a purpose but is only useful once.
  • Be forgetful of restraint.  Throw caution to the wind, love each other with an unceasing sense of passion and recklessness.  Love dangerously. Love on the edge.
  • Be forgetful of time.  Try to do as much, see as much, experience as much, and love as much as you can as a couple, because no matter what, there will never be enough time.
  • Be forgetful of where either of you have been.  Now there is only where you will go together.
  • Be forgetful of possessions.  The only tangible thing of any importance is that hand that is in your hand right now.  Let the world fall away, let every possession be taken from you—and you are still the wealthiest people in the world.
  • Be forgetful of how to talk.  Know your partner well enough to say a thousand words, without saying a single word at all.
  • Be forgetful of how many times you have said, “I love you” and always assume you haven’t said it enough.
  • Be forgetful of the world around you, for you two are now a world unto yourselves.

We who are here present, those who are absent thinking of you, hope that the inspiration of this hour will not be forgotten. May you continue to love one another, forever.”

Almost exactly 30 years ago, some of  the same family and friends that surround you today, watched  a  young couple marry on another beautiful summer afternoon. On that day, Judge William Wells, Meagan’s grandfather, officiated at the wedding of Meagan’s parents. Since “Papa” is no longer with us, please allow me to speak for him. I will conclude this ceremony with some of the same words that our grandfather used to conclude our parents’ wedding so many years ago:

“May you two, now married, keep this covenant you have made.  May you be a blessing and a comfort to each other, sharers of each other’s joys, consolers in each other’s sorrows, helpers to each other in all the vicissitudes of life.  May you encourage each other in whatever you set out to achieve.  May you, trusting each other, trust life and not be afraid.  Yet may you not only accept and give affection between yourself, but also together have affection and consideration for others.

We who are here present, those who are absent thinking of you, hope that the inspiration of this hour will not be forgotten. May you continue to love one another, forever.”

Congratulations to my baby-sister and my brand-new brother.

Three Years Ago Today And Two Little Words

My life really took root…

Just after exchanging ourdo's

Jess, every moment of my life I am thankful for this day and for you.  Thank you for being who you are and bringing out the best of me.  Love you tremedously.

with your boxes in your car

What am I?Cottage Groveite? Cottage Grovian? Cottage Grover?

Either way… Jess and I are moved into our house in Cottage Grove. Well, I am moved into our house, Jess is helping out on her ranch until the wedding. Last night was my first official night in the new house. Not as creepy or weird as I thought it would be. Sometimes, I’m like a little kid who wakes up in a new surrounding and gets weirded out… but not this time.

While Jess and I did make a big dent in huge stack of boxes that sit where our kitchen table will be, we’ve still got a long way to go. Lately, I’ve been putting up horrendously expensive blinds… translation: I’ve been doing a lot of cursing at inanimate objects.

All that is left from my old apartment is to clean it up so Meg can take it over at the end of the month. Unfortunately, I don’t think a “once-over” with the wet/dry vac will suffice, so I’ll be cleaning in stages–beginning with procrastination, followed by denial. Yes, this is a twelve-step program, and no, none of them will actually help me clean.

I am really looking forward to the bachelor party in one week. I think it will be a tremendous amount of fun (and it better be for that price). I can’t wait for the lap of luxury, even if it is only for five hours (which means this luxury goes for about $500 an hour).

The wedding is, literally, two weeks away. Unbelievable. I’m not nervous or scared… more overwhelmed by the wealth of everything that needs to get done. In the end, I know that everything will turn out great, it will be nice to have one big congregation of everyone… of course, most of them will be Hansons, but it is the thought that counts.

House pictures (a.k.a., pile o’ boxes pictures) will be posted ’round about when the Internet gets in place (Wednesday-ish).


well, mornin’ came sleepy and mornin’ came slow

Well, the computer has been moved into the living room, so you know what means… Jessica has gone home to Bend and school is over. The typical “adult” facade I’ve been sustaining has been relaxed. Now my life is centered around the coffee table. Dinner: coffee table. TV and computer games: coffee table. Sleeping: coffee table (if I’m really unmotivated.)House news: Everything is going through, it looks like the closing date could be bumped up–which means we can move all of Jess’ and my stuff out of my apartment. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Wedding news: the webpage ( has been updated completely. Take a look.

Future plans: Mariners game on Saturday with Pratt, then hanging out in Woodburn with Meagan and Tolley-Dog, because the parents are currently incommunicado in Newfoundland.


I’ll light the fire, you put the flowers in the vase

I’ve recently come to the conclusions that despite the new job, graduation, planning and wedding, getting married, and a honeymoon–my life isn’t hectic enough. With that in mind, Jess and I had a lot of conversations about where we were going to be living next year. For the past two months we have been scouring newspapers and the internet for rental property, with nothing to show. What we often found was that the properties that we liked were going for about a grand (or more) a month for substandard homes.As I figured it, we could easily be paying a mortgage for that amount of money and thus began our search for a home to buy. After talking to many mortgage companies, a bunch of real estate agents, and looking at many different houses…

Jess and I put an offer on a house. We did this yesterday afternoon. It is a very cute, brand new home in Cottage Grove. Three bedroom, two full bath. I promise to put up pictures as soon as I can. This will effectively shorten my commute from a thirty minute drive to a ten minute bike ride.

Jess and I couldn’t be more excited. It will not only be nice to live together, but to be in a house where we can paint the walls and have a dog without someone making us pay for those privileges.

Hypothetically, the closing will take place before the wedding. More news to come, I’m sure.



but the hills of Iowa make me wish that I could

I woke up with an interesting notion this morning. The wedding is exactly two months away. With everyday I get a little more excited, a little more “grown-up” feeling. Let alone the amazement that some would date me for almost four years, let alone trade vows and rings. But I’m very lucky, Jess is a great person–hopefully she can help me to become more mature (or as she puts it, keeping my laundry off of my bedroom floor). Personally, I think I’m getting the better deal, she’s calm, organized, clean, and anything by chaotic. I can at least cook.I can’t wait until the wedding, mostly to see the wedding dress, since Jess has initiated a media blackout on the details of her dress, all except that it’s white. It will be fun, there will be a lot of people that I haven’t seen in a long time, lots of friends and some distant family members… although, most people there will have the last name Hanson or will be directly related to a Hanson. I’ve been working on a web page to organize the detail of the wedding, it’s not near completion, but it’s up, take a gander: I promise to get more done on it. As well, let me know what you think.

As I figure it, this is kind of a culminating party for the first quarter of my life. Nothing says welcome to being an adult like a wife, a new job, and fistful of degrees to launch in to the next chapter.

Tomorrow, I’ll be even more excited.


what will you leave us this time?

The intention of this past weekend was to go to bend, but we only got as far as Woodburn. The freezing rain and the constant bad weather on all of the passes made the trip fade away. Although, we were able to pull together an impromptu weekend in Woodburn. Saturday was mostly watching movies around the house. On Sunday, Jess, Mom, Dad and I drove up to Portland. Me and Pa, dropped off our missess at the bridal show at the convention center. How come there is never a convention for men to walk away with bags of free stuff. Although, I hear that the apex of the even was the fountain of flowing chocolate. I was wondering if they had a fountain of butter, which would be perfect if you were having popcorn or baked potatoes at your wedding. We can all have our own dreams.While the ladies were doing wedding stuff, Dad and I hung out drinking coffee at Lloyd Center. Our highlight of the day was the screaming noise that was coming from underneath the car. I thought it was a pebble stuck under the break, Mom later thought that the car was going to explode.

And in other news: work is good, school is bad.