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Race for less… update

It has been a while since I’ve updated on the weight loss front.  I don’t remember what weight I posted at last time but I’ve been holding steady at 226.  I’ve hit a steady flat period, I think I’ve been lax with my eating, not eating badly, just not as well as I could be (or is that eating too well?).  I’m still thrilled about hitting my goal and equally thrilled to be moving beyond that goal onto my next.  So far I’ve lost 74 pounds, just shy of 25% of my original body weight.  A quart less me is a good thing.

My motivation continues; yesterday, Jess and I went to run some errands like having one of her rings repaired.  While we where there, we decided to have my ring re-sized.  A couple of weeks ago, I was playing basketball and went to pass the ball,  as I tossed the ball, my wedding band flew off and rolled down the court.  It was a pretty obvious sign.  For a while now I had been able to slide my ring off barely touching my knuckles or even sliding it off using only my left thumb.  I figured that I should probably pony up the $40 now instead of having my wedding band come off while I’m on a boat, over a grate, or feeding the dog.

As it turns out, I went down a whole ring size, from 11.5 to 10.5.  I thought that was pretty cool, although it is a completely weird feeling to be walking around without my ring on.  I’ve never realized how much I play with my wedding band during the day until it’s not there.

After hitting up the jewelery shop, we did a little browsing.  We ended up at the Duck Shop (the great mecca of University of Oregon merchandise, for you out-of-towners).  They were having a sale on certain sweatshirts and because I need a sweatshirt for every occasion, I tried one on.  newsweatshirt

Typically, I had been a XL (XXL before loosing weight) but when I tried on the XL it was way too big, hanging closer to my knees than to my waist.  I wasn’t too surprised, there have been a couple of sweatshirts where I’ve been into a large, so I tried one on.  It was still way too big according to Jess.  She said that I was going to need a medium.  Of course, my retort was a self-deprecating jab at the impossibility of me needing a medium anything. By that time she already had one off the hanger and said, “If you fit into this, I’m going to have to buy it for you just on principle.”  And it did.  And she did.  So I am in possession of my first medium article of clothing, I am still shocked at this.  I tried the sweater on again last night, double-checked the tag.


Yep, still a medium.

This is a nice addition seeing as finding clothes for me has become easier.  No longer do I have to wade through the mediums and larges to find the rare XXL.  My jeans are now an easy thing to buy too.  My waist went from a 40 (actually, in college there were times when I was a 42 or 44) to a 34.   Surprisingly, the length of my pants has also changed, I went from wearing a 32 to a 34.   I believe this is because I have less of a muffin-top to hold my pants down.  With a more definable waist, my 32’s were barely touching the tops of my shoes, meaning there was sock galore exposed when I sat down… a pet peeve of mine

All the more reason I’ve got to keep on doing what I’ve been doing… the change in the size my clothes, not the sock thing.

Anyways, onward with the good fight!

The race for less… update

230 pounds!

it’s taken about a year but I finally got there.

70 pounds gone.

Next goal: 200.