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I’m no Paul Simon, but my Garfunkel is pretty good.

Its been a while since I’ve updated… oh well, I guess I was too busy living… or playing video games, one or the other. No, but seriously folks, things are pretty good. I have been having fun, been spending a lot of time out of my 11′ x 15′ enclosure. I think that’s more in part to my friends… I had a really nice time by one of the fountains with Lauren, just sipping coffee and talking about what evercame to mind… my true vision of my college years. Speaking od the true vision of my college years, Lauren, Brian, and I ventured to Saturday Market, I think I am going to try and make it there more often. I really feel comfortable there, good food, good people, good vibes… it really assures me that I am in the right city. Last week Shelby and I went out to the Glennwood restaurant, and may I just note how good ‘off-campus’ food is… its… its… so not campus food, and for that it deserves my praises. Oh yeah, the company was great too; I really appreciate a great conversation (that never touches on the topic of school or work) accompanies by a warm meal, my personal state of tranquility.
About 8 days ago, I saw Woody Harrelson speak in the EMU amphitheater, first off, I agree with a lot of his stances on the environment, but I wasn’t there to support the marijuana position (not that I have a problem with marijuana, I don’t, I just believe there are more important issues to take on, now back to the update) that he has been known to take. I was prepared to leave if it was going to be one big parade of da’ ganja… but actually, he barely touched on it, so I stayed. What was really interesting is that he had a huge bus that was ran totally by solar power and hemp oil… kind of smart if you ask me.
School is good, at times I feel my Philosophy 421 class is a bit over my head, but when I get the grades back on my papers, they make me feel a little bit better about my comprehension. Oh yeah, I am now parading my B+ in Astronomy, for a semi-boring class the time I spend awake in it seems to be paying off. Maybe I should try staying awake more often… or, actually, I may have found the right mixture of consciencesness and unconsciousness.
I went with Lauren to look at a house she wanted for next year, and I realized how much I actually want a house. I need a decent sized house with a nice big kitchen so I can get a big ‘ol puppy and he can sleep in there during the day, and in my room at night. It would also be a treat to know what’s going into my food… but nay, at least one more year in the dorms (or if you want to be official: “Residence Hall”… there’s the last shred of my RA training.) I think it would be nice to live away from campus, I did it for a summer and I liked it, if I was to do it again, though, I would find some cleaner roommates. And the final bonus of living off campus: to be at home without fire alarms, having to write people up, or tell them to be quiet.`
Speaking of telling people to be quiet, I find out next week what complex I will be working in for next year (bean bean bean bean bean, please), I am hoping for Bean complex again, I like the rounds, the big staff, and sometimes the residents. Also next week, we get to give some input on the newbies, or new hires as their called… I like that I get to help choose my staff for next year, should be fun.
And finally tonight, I would like to converse on the prospect of this summer. I’m still looking forward to it (they haven’t beaten it out of me… yet) like I’ve said in previous updates, I really like a lot of the people I’ll be working with, an plus it will be nice to just work, and not be taking classes, a change in pace, none-the-less. Eric Clapton is coming to Portland on my birthday, and Lauren, Chris, and I, have been talking about going, I think that would be fun. The other musical event that is coming soon is Counting Crows… that really sounds like fun. Last I heard, at least Lauren and myself have decided (well, its not really a decision, its more like a given) to go. Another aspect to make this summer, at least, fun. We’ll see. Until then…