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Benjamin and Ulysses

You’re looking at $150.  Stupidly, I managed to overwrite all of the files on my server.  Thankfully, Godaddy (my host) backs up all servers every night, so we only miss out on a day’s worth of no one commenting.  Sadly, to use the back up version of my server there was a $150 “resource” fee.  I’m not sure how they rationalize that amount of money to do it (seeing as it was probably only a couple of clicks to fix the problem) but the money was put down. 

Lesson learned: I’ll be more diligent about backing up.

Transition: Complete

Well, it took me a little over two days but the transition from the old Box of Whine to the this new one is finally complete.  Cataloged, indexed, tagged, and sorted–all of the previous posts are now in order and you can search through them by the date, topic, tags, or almost anything else that seems to move you.

Newly Re-born (again) Website

You’re bearing witness to the rebirth of a website. Box of Whine has seen many changes in its days since its inception about 7 years ago. A big thanks to Derek Rose for his previous design and how well it ran. By updating the website and making it look new, hopefully it will encourage me to post more often.

As time goes on, I’ll be importing the old posts from the previous version… sorry, I’m not so committed to trawl through the comments and repost them, but it was a nice thought.  Thanks for asking.

and the papers want to know whose shirt you wear?

Where to begin?I know: The poll and comments are now working–I can’t explain or figure out why things just changed but with the help of Derek everything is in working order… for now.

On to the meat and potatos:
I’ve now applied for my official state license to be a teacher. How wrong is that? I know former teachers would say that it is divine justice. Hopefully in thirty days I’ll get the peice of paper that says that I sat through enough classes and spent enough money. I’ll add it to the collection.

My apartment has since grown quiter now, of course that comes with a saga: It had been past the three week mark, which I was told was the absolute latest time the new computer would arrive. So I call and harass the UO Bookstore and they call dell–and now they are saying that it won’t be here until the 17th at best, but most likely the 19th. As you can imagine, that didn’t make me to thrilled. So I tell them that I want the order number. I call Dell, of course, I can’t get a live person. So eventually, I find an option where I can find the UPS tracking number and I check that on the computer… keep in mind that this is about 1 in the afternoon. Well, loe and behold, it was recieved and signed for by the bookstore at 6:30 in the morning! So I call back saying that they already have the stinking computer–and they guy eventually says, “oh yeah, I guess we do.” But then I have to wait for them to process the computer…basically, to let the actual computer people know that it has arrived. So I wait, and wait, and wait, and wait… then just as I am about to call them back to harass them, they call me and said that they have already called for the computer to be brought from the bookstore wearhouse to the bookstore, it should be there by the time I drive in. but of course, I get there and… no computer. I assumed that I had got there a little bit before it. I was naive. So I wander and pace around the book store for 45 minutes. I ask the guy what was taking so long, he said that he doesn’t know because he called for it before he even talked to me. So I wonder and pace for another 45 minutes. Finally, the guy tracks me down wandering the bookstore to get me computer. I spent and hour and a half walking around the bookstore.

it kind of tainted my dorky nerd “new computer” thrill.

So here I am, I’m done with classes–I’m going to (hopefully) start on my thesis for my degree, do some bbq-ing and wait for Jess to come back from Bend.

Oh well.